Fox’s Ingraham: Biden’s policies have been ‘robbing hard-working Americans’ for nearly 5 decades

Fox News star Laura Ingraham just exposed Joe Biden’s platform for what it is: a “sellout” of working-class Americans.

According to Fox, the host of The Ingraham Angle revealed Friday that Biden’s plans for his administration would hurt “hard-working Americans” in more ways than one, just as his policies have done for nearly half a century.

Mainstream media outlets declared Joe Biden the winner of the White House race more than a week ago, but President Donald Trump has said the election was “rigged” and is standing firm in his belief that the result could change after allegations of voter fraud are investigated.

“Joe from Scranton”

Ingraham, for her part, is warning that if Trump isn’t right about the election, working-class Americans could be in for a rough four years. The Fox host lamented that many Americans believed what they were fed during Biden’s campaign: that Joe Biden is just “Joe from Scranton.”

“[Donald Trump] sees the world from Park Avenue, I see it from Scranton,” the former vice president said in a clip shared by Ingraham.

Of course, it would have been more accurate for Biden to say that he sees the world from Washington, D.C., because that’s where he’s been working for nearly half a century.

“Sadly, millions of voters took him at his word,” Ingraham said of Biden, according to Fox, “because they didn’t know about his nearly five decades pushing all these policies that are very pleasing to big business and bipartisan establishment figures. These are policies that ended up robbing hard-working Americans of their wealth and their opportunity.”

“Rip up agreements”

Among those thieving policies, Ingraham said, is the apparent president-elect’s plan to “halt deportations” of undocumented immigrants for more than three months.

“He’s going to halt deportations for 100 days upon taking office, and then, I guess, figure out how to avoid departing as many illegals as possible by narrowing the scope of any enforcement in the future,” Ingraham surmised, as Fox reported. “Biden will also end the incredibly successful remain-in-Mexico policy [for asylum seekers]. He’s also going to rip up agreements from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to take in those rejected asylum seekers.”

Lastly, Ingraham said that Biden “has a national security team that is basically uninterested in the whole ‘national’ part of its duties. Basically, they are going to retake control of our foreign policy. Unless Trump actually pulls all of our troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year, troops will be stuck there for four more years,” she contended, according to Fox.

It’s true: When it comes to Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the two couldn’t be more different. Despite his “Joe from Scranton” rhetoric, the Democrat’s plans show he’s for anyone but the working class. Meanwhile, though President Trump may have come from a place of prosperity, he’s proven with his record that he wants all Americans to have the same opportunities he’s had. It’s a shame that more than 77 million voters couldn’t see that before it was too late.

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