Fox’s Juan Williams calls House Judiciary’s impeachment hearings ‘a distraction’

House Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry moved to the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday with a public hearing featuring four law professors who gave their takes on whether President Donald Trump should be removed, according to The New York Times. But anybody who watched the hearing can testify that it was largely a meaningless affair.

That assessment even transcended all the way to one of Fox News’ most liberal analysts. In an interview on Fox News Radio, Juan Williams dismissed the recent hearing as “a distraction” that wasn’t “worthwhile” when you consider the big picture, Breitbart reported.

“This is a distraction”

Williams’ comments came during a segment of the Guy Benson Show on Wednesday. The Fox host was asked for his thoughts on the hours-long hearing: was it truly informative for the American people?

“I don’t think that this is informing the public about much of the facts in any way,” Williams said, “because I don’t think we have any fact-based witnesses or evidence being introduced.”

He went on: “What this is about, I think, is you have scholars engaged in scholarly discourse with regard to whether or not what we know so far, in their opinion, rises to an impeachable offense. That’s the best face I could put on it.”

At the end of the day, though, Williams sees the hearing as little more than a “distraction.”

“In all honesty, I don’t see that this is — I think this is a distraction,” Williams said Wednesday, noting that the Judiciary panel was already expected to draft articles of impeachment, which will likely be dismissed in future a Senate trial.

A waste of time

Indeed, though both Benson and Williams conceded that there was some value to hearing scholarly testimony from constitutional experts, both agreed that the hearing went on far too long to be useful.

“I just don’t think this is, in my opinion, worthwhile,” Williams said. According to the Fox host, the experts should have been limited to about 30 minutes and a brief explanatory paper.

For once, Juan Williams is actually right here: the hearing in the Judiciary Committee was a “distraction” from more important issues that was not particularly “worthwhile,” especially in light of the fact that three of the four witnesses showed clear bias against the president and had long been in favor of his removal.

As has been noted by many, House Democrats have planned to impeach President Trump since before he was even sworn into office, and hearings like Wednesday’s do nothing more than delay the foregone conclusion.

Democrats should skip the formalities and just cut to the chase so we can get it all over with before Trump’s win in 2020.

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