Fox’s Geraldo Rivera reveals he’s ‘pondering’ a bid for Senate in 2022

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) recently announced that he would not seek re-election in 2022, citing the highly partisan nature of politics in Washington. But as Portman concedes that he can’t take the heat, one Fox News star is indicating he’s ready for the challenge.

According to The Hill, Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera announced Wednesday that he’s considering mounting a bid for Portman’s Senate seat.

“Pondering” a Senate bid

Rivera first revealed the news in a tweet Wednesday afternoon.

The message received mixed reactions on Twitter, but that didn’t discourage the 77-year-old Rivera. The commentator and star of The Five wrote in another tweet a few hours later:

“A role to play”

As The Hill noted, Rivera didn’t specify which party’s banner he’d run under in his potential bid for a seat in Congress’s upper chamber. In the past, the Fox star has been publicly supportive of members of both parties; he voted for Democratic President Barack Obama in 2012, and also once called Donald Trump a “loyal friend” of his.

Notably, while Rivera was supportive of many of Trump’s policies, the Fox host largely backed off on his support for Trump in the aftermath of the 2020 election. But he’s not giving up on the former president yet.

“He’s been a friend of mine forever. I have been very public in my disapproval of his actions post-election and certainly condemn in the most vigorous way what happened on Jan. 6,” Rivera said in an interview with Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer.

He went on: “However, I think President Trump is not only redeemable, but he’s a force of nature who has been a lifelong friend in my adult life. I would expect he would approve of this. We can resolve our issues and help heal the Republican Party.”

Later in his interview, Rivera reiterated that he’s considering a bid for Senate and indicated he’d likely run as a Republican, though his wife is a Democrat.

“I think that’s a crucial seat,” Rivera told the paper of Portman’s spot. “We’re very concerned about the future of Ohio and the nation and we think we have a role to play.”

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22 Responses

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  2. He said he thought of running as a Republican but has no plans on running we don’t need any more rinos like him there are all ready to many

  3. Last thing we need is this no talent bag of bovine excrement in politics. Can’t imagine why FOX or anyone would hire this arrogant big mouth. A narcisstic self absorbed ,self promoting buffoon.. He and his cheesy cartoon moustache need to just go away.

  4. Can’t trust Geraldo, he has trouble with critical thinking and has no common sense, he would be a problem for conservatives and America first.

  5. Flip flop open borders man Geraldo – I don’t think so – every time he’s on Fox he’s fighting for illegals – he states American ppl should take in illegal children as foster children – really what about our own streets our own homeless children in American suffering from lack of housing food & ability to go to school!!!

  6. On Thursday, heraldo canceled his thinking on a political life. Apparently, he found out nobody likes him. Ranks lower than whale sh!t.

  7. I’m conservative and usually like to talk about facts.
    However, in this case, I’ll give my opinion.

    I think Geraldo’s a joke, blowing wherever the prevailing winds take him, doing whatever it takes to promote himself.
    No substance.

    What a joke that he thinks so highly of himself that he’d have the slightest chance of winning.

  8. Why vote for someone who can’t decide which party to support? Geraldo must be suffering from attention deficit problems…he hasn’t had much media time lately, so running for office might help. Does he stand for anything? What policies will he promote?

  9. This man is definitely not a good fit in the “Make America Great Again” plan. He in my opinion, is more of a democrat and would do their bidding from a republican cloak!

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