Tulsi Gabbard slams Pelosi after incoming lawmaker’s son was barred from ceremony

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attracted bipartisan criticism over reports that her office denied a request for the son of an incoming GOP congresswoman to attend her swearing-in ceremony earlier this week.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) rebuked the House speaker’s move in a scathing tweet questioning Pelosi’s leadership style, Fox News reported.

“Petty partisanship?”

The backlash against Pelosi stems from the recently declared win for Republican Claudia Tenney, who narrowly defeated the Democratic incumbent to represent New York’s 22nd congressional district.

Although Pelosi had allowed incoming lawmakers to bring one family member to last month’s event, Tenney’s request to have her son, a Marine, accompany her at the more recent ceremony was denied, according to Fox.

“Is it petty partisanship? Vengeance? Or more vilification of our troops?” Gabbard wrote in response. “This is not the kind of leadership that will unite our country.”

The former Hawaii congresswoman went on to call it “a slap in the face of all servicemembers…who put their lives on the line for our country.”

Tenney was sworn in on Thursday after seeking permission for her son, Trey Cleary, to join her. Cleary had reportedly managed to secure time off for the event.

“He just wanted to be there for me”

The freshman congresswoman claimed that Pelosi summarily denied the request without providing a satisfactory reason, noting that her son “waited outside the gallery door” during the ceremony.

Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill, however, issued a statement denying that Pelosi had anything to do with making the final decision.

“As this former Congresswoman well knows, the House Sergeant at Arms and the Attending Physician set COVID restrictions in the Capitol,” he tweeted. “Politics play no role in these institutional officers’ efforts to protect the safety of Capitol workers, press, staff, and Members.”

He went on to note that the attending physician and sergeant at arms made an exception for the Jan. 3 ceremony, allowing incoming legislators to bring along one family member. Nevertheless, Tenney described the ordeal as “very disappointing,” asserting that she “got no real answers as to why this was denied.”

As for her son, she added: “He was disappointed. He just wanted to be there for me. We are very close.”

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44 Responses

      1. Pelois is a night mare. She thinks she has it all in the bag. But little she knows that she will have nothing. Her and her allies should be put in front of.the wall a shot for Treason.

    1. She should have been tossed out on her evil, hate consumed rear end a long time ago, better yet, she never should have been there in the first place!!!

      1. She needs to be out of Washington, now, she is trouble for all in politics. She doesn’t do her job, she is too busy with her hate filled soul , all she does is walk around looking and acting like the 👿. Wonder why anyone would want her gone, let me count the reasons.

      2. Pelosi has way too much power and influence because she has been in office way too long.
        She is the poster child for TERM LIMITS.
        Like all politicians, Her only job is to get reelected.
        Screw the people.

  1. No Comment needed———-The Swamp is the Swamp & it’s Draining tho Ever Too Slowly But Poop does Breed more Stuck Drains………Be Patient. MAGA 2022 & 2024 is NEAR.

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  3. Pelosi only wants people there when she needs protection other than that they just little servants to her and she feels that they don’t need to be in the same room as her. She wants the Marines outside her window just guarding her That’s all

  4. If the others could have family members for the swearing she should have been allowed to have her son there. I guess because she was a republican she was denied. Pelosi probably had something to do with it. She is such a witch.

  5. She is hateful, petty, infantile old drunken hag and should NEVER be allowed, along with her idiot nephew Newsome, in any government house again

  6. I am extremely up set that Pelosi was allowed to disallow the son of Mrs Tenney to be present during her swearing in. Pelosi should not have been allowed to dampen the day for this family. It was a very disrespectful vindictive decision.
    How is it that she continually gets away with disrespecting so many others? Not acceptable on so many levels.

  7. Folks, can’t you get it that the dems control ALL including the SCOTUS DOJ, FBI and the lowlife slime called msm. Piglosi and crew can and will get away with anything. Don’t keep believing that 2022 will change. I can remember just prior to the 2018 midterms Fox News said the GOP will win the House cuz the dems had nothing to offer. Well sh*t the GOP LOST and the dems did take the HOUSE. I’m now believing that the dems having been rigging elections for many years. The future doesn’t look to bright.

  8. WHOA and WOW!!!
    The spineless GOP that were gutless in not contesting the sham certification actually STOOD UP to the slime dems and voted not to impeach Trump. Hey GOP, if you clowns keep sticking together you can make it very hard on these lowlife dems. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

  9. This useless POS, has way overstayed her usefulness, if that ever existed, as many have said in the past, she should be removed from her Political Throne. Pelosi has demonstrated many times in the past that she is incapable, unwilling and to petty, to be in the Speaker of the House of Congress role. What Nancy needs is a orange and white striped prison suit and sent to Guantanamo Bay for about life…

  10. Pelosi has no one to blame but herself,she has shown how selfish and vandictive and hatefull,there is no place for her to go she dug this hole, now Nancy lay in it.

  11. Pelosi is a national disgrace. But anyone who reads about her family should not be surprised. I just finished reading about her father the drug dealing mafia chief in Baltimore. Look it up.

  12. Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill, however, issued a statement denying that Pelosi had anything to do with making the final decision.
    “As this former Congresswoman well knows, the House Sergeant at Arms and the Attending Physician set COVID restrictions in the Capitol,” he tweeted.

    So did the House Sergeant at Arms OR the Attending Physician conduct any test to see if her son had any symptoms of the virus before rejecting him. I’ve had my temperature taken a few times before being allowed into some places but that’s about it. If he was wearing a mask & would have had to social distance like anyone else who was allowed to attend, what was the explanation as to his rejection?

  13. And did Pelosi put a bug in the ears of the House Sergeant at Arms or the Attending Physician? Nothing is beneath her. Time to eliminate the rotting flesh of the old guard that drop their teeth prior to talking and vote in people with more than 1/2 of a brain.

  14. Pelosi is a democrat which explains why she has no common decency. She wants the National Guard to protect her, but I guess a lone Marine was just too much for her to endure. It’s time for the old girl to go back to Californication and retire. Seems as though she cannot even keep her own city clean.

  15. Piglosi’s pettiness knows no bounds! Hell yes, she told the seargeant of arms and the doctor to disallow the young man to see his mother’s swearing in! Why? Because Mrs.Tenney beat piglosi’s pick, Brindisi and got the seat! In piglosi’s world that is cause for punishing her! Piglosi must be removed from congress! She is unfit to be speaker, let alone a congressperson! Remove her!!!!!!

  16. Nancy Pelosi gets whatever she wants in DC. She certainly had everything to do with not allowing her son in. If it was a Democrat it would have been allowed. Now, that’s the truth.

  17. How about that! The First Amendment has apparently been shut down at my house. Censored again! It’s funny I get that so much, I forgo profanity. It must be my non-Democrat politics.

  18. She is a Moran b–th Send her a-s to prison for treason her and Biden are working together to destroy America. We need Trump back. God bless America and Trump our congress is only for their selfish needs. They dont care about Americans they think China will give them a place Ya right in one of thie kill homes

  19. I pray that our Lord GOD removes Satan’s Bride Piglosi….Vengeance is the Lords.. I wonder what the Lord thinks of all this…China is teaching there children in school that GOD is a GOD of HATE… That will be coming here next…!!! They close our Churches but look what they leave open…China leaves little girl Babies on the window sill so maybe someone will take them… or else they die…no food or milk…ABORTION is a must to the Goverment…I Cry.. !!!

  20. Nancy is showing signs of going crazy, hating Trump so much is not normal, they need to take her to a quite place with straight jackets! You also need to take Biden there too!! The hate in the Democrat party is sickening & not normal, what are they hiding that they do not want us to know????

  21. That was a crime that Pelosi didn’t allow the Marine son of Congresswoman Tunney to be present for his Mom’s swearing in and she was probably mad Tunney won the seat! Pelosi’s son Paul Jr is just as bad as Hunter Biden, a pure entitled scumbag that made his Chinese girlfriend with 2 girls that he got pregnant have an abortion than probably dumped her. He is just pure dirt and absolutely nothing to be proud of like a Marine son! But what can one expect with Pelosi as his mother!

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