GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz likens Biden campaign to ‘elder abuse’

Former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t take kindly to suggestions that he isn’t as mentally sharp as he used to be, as was evidenced when an interviewer asked him last week if he had taken a cognitive test, and he reacted by wondering aloud of the journalist was “a junkie.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called attention to that exchange during a Sunday appearance on Fox News’ The Next Revolution, and he argued that it’s an ominous sign for Biden and hinted that those closest to him should save him from further embarrassment, as Breitbart reported.

Gaetz highlights Biden decline

“First of all — OK, Boomer, nobody says ‘junkie’ anymore when someone suffers from, you know substance abuse issues, we try to extend the hand of grace,” Breitbart quoted Gaetz as saying about Biden’s bizarre remarks.

“I would think Joe Biden might know that given his own family history,” the Florida congressman continued, referring to the well-publicized struggles that Biden’s son, Hunter, has had with drugs and alcohol over the years.

Last year, allegations emerged that the younger Biden smoked crack in a Washington, D.C. strip club during his father’s tenure as vice president in the Obama administration. He was also discharged from the Navy Reserve in 2014 after having tested positive for cocaine, as USA Today reported.

“Slower on the uptake”

Gaetz then went on to note the apparent cognitive decline that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has been exhibiting in recent years, bristling at Biden’s angry denials about what appears in increasingly obvious to many.

“But Biden is substantively making the argument that there’s no factual predicate to question his mental capability, and in every American family, we see this dynamic where somebody loses contact, they become a little slower on the uptake, and it would be funnier if America weren’t facing such serious challenges,” Gaetz declared.

Examples of Biden’s public confusion have included forgetting in which state he is campaigning at any given time, appearing to mistake his wife for his sister, and seemingly referring to himself as his own husband.

At other points, Biden has told campaign rally audiences that he is running for a seat in the United States Senate and urged detractors to simply “vote for the other Biden” if they did not like his policy positions.

“More like elder abuse”

As far as Gaetz is concerned, mistakes of that nature are proof that the former vice president simply isn’t up to the task of leading America during an extraordinarily difficult time.

“We’ve got to beat this virus,” the conservative Republican insisted. “We’ve got to confront China. We’ve got to get our economy moving again.”

Gaetz concluded by declaring that “Joe Biden’s effort in politics here looks less like a presidential campaign and more like elder abuse.” Given his growing history of gaffes, miscues, and erratic public interactions, it is certainly difficult to disagree.

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