Gas prices hit new highs weeks after Biden said his plan would lower prices

Three weeks after President Joe Biden said in a speech that his plans would lower gas prices, they hit a new high, increasing 28 cents a gallon on average during that time period, Town Hall pointed out Tuesday.

On May 10 when Biden made the speech, the AAA average gas price was $4.37 a gallon, but on Tuesday it was $4.62. Looking back a month, gas is up 44 cents a gallon, and up more than $1.50 since May of last year.

Biden’s stated plan was to release oil from the strategic reserve and increase the biofuels available. He also mentioned helping people make their homes more energy-efficient.

The strategic oil release didn’t work if prices went up instead of down. There isn’t enough oil in the reserve to make much more than a drop in a bucket difference.

No impact

Biden’s other plans will take more time, but there is no hope enough biofuels can be produced to affect prices significantly, and making homes energy efficient will not directly impact prices, only usage.

Experts have said they don’t expect prices to come down any time soon, and think they will be over $6 a gallon by the end of the summer.

Consumers will be hard hit when it comes time to fill their tanks with home heating oil this winter, which could hit elderly people on fixed incomes particularly hard.

All the insulation in the world will not keep homes warm in cold climates without oil or natural gas.

Biden won’t act

The sad thing is, there are things Biden could do to make an actual impact on gas prices, but he won’t do them.

We wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t reversed former President Donald Trump’s highly successful energy policies, which had kept gas prices below $2 a gallon at the end of his term in office, even as demand soared when COVID lockdowns ended in many states.

Even now, he could restart the Keystone XL pipeline construction, open up new oil leases for drilling, and fund the production of shale into oil right here in the U.S., restoring us to energy independence.

Unfortunately, Biden’s agenda is not to lower gas prices, as he claims, but to drive them so high that people abandon fossil fuels altogether, no matter how costly that is to their way of life and budget in the meantime.

It’s an unrealistic goal that will involve untold suffering, but Biden is too rich and protected to suffer, so he doesn’t care.

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