Governors declare state of emergency as gas stations in the Southeast run out of gas after pipeline shutdown

Americans were already getting squeezed by rising gas prices when a fuel shortage swept across the southeastern United States this week, leaving motorists backed up in long lines.

The chaotic scenes are evoking comparisons to the Jimmy Carter era, as governors in the region declare states of emergency to keep prices in check, the New York Post reported.

North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia have all issued executive orders to prevent price gouging after a cyberattack disrupted the Colonial Pipeline, a critical pipeline spanning from Texas to New Jersey that provides the east coast with half its oil.

States declare state of emergency

As of Wednesday morning, nearly 25% of gas stations in North Carolina were empty, according to Patrick DeHaan of GasBuddy. In Georgia and Virginia, 15% of stations had no gas.

The shortages are hitting some major cities like Atlanta and Charlotte hard, with 60% and 71% of stations out of gas in both cities, respectively.

As motorists scramble to gas up, governors like North Carolina’s Roy Cooper (D) have declared an emergency. “Today’s emergency declaration will help North Carolina prepare for any potential motor vehicle fuel supply interruptions across the state and ensure motorists are able to have access to fuel,” he said.

North Carolina and other states have activated price gouging laws, and in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp (R) suspended the gas tax.

White House urges calm

As Colonial promises to get back online by the weekend, the White House is denying that there is a fuel shortage, calling it a “supply crunch” instead.

“It’s not that we have a gasoline shortage, it’s that we have this supply crunch,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said. “Things will be back to normal soon, and we’re asking people not to hoard and know that we are all over this.”

Despite these assurances, the gas crisis comes on top of rising inflation and a dismal jobs report that have prompted comparisons to the economic woes of the Carter administration.

The downturn has put a damper on Biden’s momentum after what had been a bold first 100 days. Biden has pledged to “build back better” with trillions of dollars in spending.

The federal government announced Wednesday that inflation was at its highest level since 2008, and the price of gas is at $3 nationwide for the first time since 2014.

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15 Responses

    1. I’m not sure that I would even give him that much credit! The guy is a bumbling fool, and nothing but a puppet for the communist Democrats!

      1. I just hope that it is mostly democrats who get to suffer from the gas shortage. It was their voter fraud that put the creepy rapist pedophile briberous influence selling demented old white freak in the white house with his heels up ho.

        Have you noticed that all the pictures of Heels up Harris are her looking over her shoulder of off to the side like she is a cover girl or model or something. Heck she can;t even remember what race she is one day to the next.

  1. When will real democrats show their dedication to a free and prospourus America??!! Do not vote for HR1.

    1. there are no real democrats anymore. there are only brainwashed children and team democrat lairs. There is nothing left of the democrats of the 1960 to 1980’s when some of them made sense.

      Democrats today are just freaks and weirdos with no idea what they are talking about and zero morals of any type. Shooting them should not be a crime but a release from their anguish.

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  3. How do you go from being the chief exporter in the world, to this in less than six month, and say that it is not nefarious. Along with every other EO he has sign off on. This is nothing more than a calculated overthrow, and Biden person daring you to start “civil war”, which is exactly what his bosses want. This all so stupid, unconscionable. It has to be Luciferian, conscious has nothing to do with it. Just another attempt to get people to bend their knee to this evil NWO cabal.

  4. No maybe even with the EL pipeline where America was an exporter of oil would not have changed this event. But it sure as hell an event in the making for more fuel shortages and 20% inflation like the Carter years. It just seems when the Dems get a crisis and exploit it to its fullest, things like this comes back even greater than the crisis they are exploiting.
    Cold hard fact, Dems aren’t very good at leadership. The lying media claiming there are no shortages even when cold hard evidence say there is, is a gigantic issue that plagues this country. We won’t recover from this excalant example of leadership until Biden and party are no longer in control.

  5. Bueno al parecer, esto es lo que querían los votantes norteamericanos, en números RECORD, pues, ahora a disfrutar de toda la porquería que han traí los Demócratas al país.

  6. Biden is just not presidential type person he cant think on his own he is just a puppet for the communist tape congress that we have eliminate the democrats

  7. I am certainly ashamed that Biden is president. He is a complete idiot. But you know who the biggest brain dead idiots of all are ? The MORONS who voted fro Biden.

    1. I certainly agree with that statement. I know people that voted for him and will defend him today. I just can not understand it. I don’t know if they don’t want to admit to the mistake they made or if they really believe in it. I can’t even bring myself to say his name.

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