Bill Gates slams Trump administration’s ‘mind-blowing’ coronavirus response

During an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Sunday, Microsoft founder and ultra-rich philanthropist Bill Gates had some harsh words for the Trump administration and its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, calling some of the perceived failures, “mind-blowing,” as Breitbart reported.

Notably, however, when it came to cornavirus-related decisions made by Democratic governors across the country, the billionaire software mogul had surprisingly little to say.

Gates lets loose

According to Breitbart, Zakaria began the segment by asking Gates how he would explain “the fact that the richest country on earth, that spends per capita maybe two to three times as much on health care as all the other rich countries in the world, seems to be kind of at the bottom of the pile of the advanced countries in the world in being able to handle this pandemic.”

In response, Gates put the blame on “a variety of missteps by the U.S. and then the political atmosphere meant that we didn’t get our testing going.”

“Our testing, of course, to this day, it’s mind-blowing that because you can’t get the federal government to improve the testing because they just want to say how great it is,” he complained, according to Breitbart.

He then questioned the effectiveness of President Trump’s decision early in the crisis to suspend travel from affected countries, saying it didn’t “pass the common sense test in terms of the waves of people that  U.S. citizens that were allowed to keep coming in.”

Curiously, Gates didn’t articulate exactly how continuing to allow even greater numbers of potentially infected people to enter the country would have improved the situation.

“And now, you know, we executed our lockdowns less nationwide and with less fidelity than other countries,” the philanthropist went on, adding, “So, we’re paying a pretty dramatic price, and not just in deaths, Gates complained. “We also pay it in terms of the economic toll, which is up in the trillions.”

Governors get a pass

Gates seemed far less eager to talk about the decisions that were made by the likes of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), both of whom sent patients infected with COVID-19 to nursing homes in their respective states.

Fox News reported that at Cuomo’s direction, some 6,300 infected individuals were sent to New York nursing facilities during the pandemic’s peak, resulting in an elevated number of potentially unnecessary deaths.

The network also reported that a substantial portion of the nation’s coronavirus deaths have occurred in nursing homes, with the bulk taking place New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania — all states with Democratic governors at the helm.

But, as is par for the course when it comes to the musings of America’s progressive elites, selective outrage and willful ignorance tend to rule the day.

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