Gay choir removes controversial video amid alleged ‘threats of violence’ from conservative critics

As the LGBTQ pride movement becomes more mainstream, some critics accuse activists of pursuing a clandestine agenda to subvert more traditional values.

Following a recent video posted by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, harsh criticism erupted among those who accused the group of saying the quiet part out loud in revealing that agenda. Although the choir defended its polarizing song, the video has since been made private amid alleged threats against its members.

“Coming for your children”

According to the Daily Caller, some viewers were upset by lyrics proclaiming that members of the chorus were “coming for your children” with the intent of converting them to an LGBTQ lifestyle.

In a statement on Thursday, the chorus insisted that its “tongue-in-cheek humor” had been taken out of context, resulting in “increasingly alarming” messages including “threats of harm” against individual singers.

As such, the official video upload has been set to private and the group is reportedly working with social media platforms to remove unauthorized posts including the performance of Message from the Gay Community.

The chorus has also contacted law enforcement to report the threats, according to a statement that lambasted “far-right” critics as “intolerant and hateful” for “using the Bible as a weapon” to turn children away from the LGBTQ movement.

For their part, however, conservative critics say it was not evident from the lyrics that the song was intended to be a parody.

“Make them tolerant and fair”

“You think we’re sinful, you fight against our right, you say we all lead lives you can’t respect,” the chorus sang. “But you’re just frightened, you think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct.”

In another verse, the singers declared that they would “convert your children” and “make them tolerant and fair,” going on to repeat that they are “coming for your children.”

Prior to the video being removed from public visibility on YouTube, it reportedly had garnered exponentially more dislikes than likes — not to mention plenty of angry and disapproving comments.

Various religious leaders also weighed in, seizing on the song as evidence that LGBTQ activists are targeting children in subversive ways.

Aside from the choir’s controversial song, similar criticism has been lodged against children’s programming from media companies like Disney and Nickelodeon, both of which have introduced LGBTQ characters and issues in shows aimed at young kids.

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