George Santos says he has been 'a terrible liar' in wild Piers Morgan interview

February 22, 2023

Notorious fabulist George Santos admitted to being a "terrible liar" in a contentious interview with British newsmaker Piers Morgan.

Santos (R-Ny.) has come under intense media scrutiny since he was found to have fabricated much of his rags-to-riches campaign biography, which made him out to be a Wall Street hot shot. 

"Well, I’ve been a terrible liar on those subjects,” Santos told Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Santos comes clean?

As one might expect, Santos immediately hedged, saying his intent was not to "trick" anyone but to gain acceptance among Republicans in the upscale suburbs of Nassau County, New York.

He admitted that he lied about going to college, calling it one of his "biggest regrets in life." Santos said he believed he would get away with lying after misrepresenting himself to voters during a previous campaign bid in 2020.

"Well, that's honest," Morgan said.

Doubling down

But those moments of startling candor were far and few between. Santos dissembled, dodged, and doubled down through much of the interview as an incredulous Morgan peppered him with questions on many of his outlandish claims.

Santos insisted that his late mother worked in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and pledged to fight to his "grave" proving that his maternal grandparents were Jews who fled the Holocaust. Santos said he even ordered DNA kits and was waiting for the results.

He described his self-avowed "Jew-ish" heritage as a "party favor joke" that always got laughs. "I was raised Catholic, but I come from a Jewish family so that makes me Jew-ish", he said. "Everybody's always laughed."

"Face the music"

The interview only became more absurd as it went on. Santos admitted to dressing up as a drag queen "once" but accused the media of being "offensive to drag queens" by exaggerating that part of his life.

He said he never reported being the victim of an alleged mugging on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan because he was "embarrassed" after "two guys" snatched his briefcase and his shoes. He denied stealing money from a homeless veteran whose dog was dying, saying he didn't know the man and that if he did, he wouldn't be homeless.

"I am as passionate about helping veterans and animals as the next guy," Santos said. 

While Santos has resisted pressure to resign with flamboyant audacity, he insisted he "can't stand" the spotlight. "This is going to be decided by the people who hired me. No one else. That's when I'm going to face the music," he said.

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