George Soros absent from World Economic Forum

 January 17, 2023

While the World Economic Forum kicked off its annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort town of Davos on Monday, far-left billionaire George Soros was noticeably absent.

According to the Post Millennial, Soros revealed via Twitter earlier last week that he would not be able to attend the event's opening due to a scheduling conflict.

Soros is normally a fixture

The website noted that this announcement represented the first time in over two months that Soros had put out a tweet.

It also pointed out that Soros has for years been a regular attendee at the World Economic Forum's yearly invitation-only event.

High-profile guests

While Soros may not have been able to attend, the event still featured many high-profile figures. The Post Millennial noted that former CNN host Brian Stelter delivered a presentation in which he praised European-style internet censorship.

Also in attendance was Biden administration climate envoy John Kerry, who called his fellow attendees "a select group of human beings" and said that they had been "touched" at some point in their lives, an experience he called "extraterrestrial."

World Economic Forum head praises Chinese government

According to its website, the organization "engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas." What's more, it boasts of being "independent" and "impartial" while not being "tied to any special interests."

However, critics say that it represents an alliance of powerful elites who are seeking to advance an authoritarian agenda.

The Post Millennial reported this past November that World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab praised China's government during an interview with theChinese Communist Party-owned broadcaster CGTN.

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