George Supreme Court allows early voting ahead of Senate runoff

Neither Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock nor his Republican challenger Herschel Walker got over 50% of the vote two weeks ago, meaning they will face each other again in a runoff election on December 6.

Yet thanks to a recent ruling by the state’s highest judicial body, voters won’t have to wait before casting their ballots.

State Supreme Court upholds lower court ruling

According to Fox News, the Georgia state Supreme Court decided last Saturday to uphold a ruling by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas A. Cox Jr. which permits early voting.

That move came despite objections from Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who was sued by the Warnock campaign.

“Senator Warnock and his Democratic Party allies are seeking to change Georgia law right before an election based on their political preferences,” Fox News quoted Raffensperger as saying.

He added, “Instead of muddying the water and pressuring counties to ignore Georgia law, Senator Warnock should be allowing county election officials to continue preparations for the upcoming runoff.”

Meanwhile, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has been campaigning for Walker in Georgia, and he recently told Fox News that the runoff election is “incredibly important.”

Ted Cruz: A Republican loss in Georgia will allow Democrats to dominate committees

“It determines whether we have a 50-50 Senate or whether the Democrats grow their majority to 51-49,” Cruz explained.

“Fifty-one-forty-nine is much, much worse. Why? Because it lets [Senate Majority Leader] Schumer accelerate everything through the Senate,” the conservative lawmaker continued.

“With 51-49, the Democrats get a majority on every committee in the Senate,” Cruz pointed out. “[With] 50-50 they don’t have a majority on any committee in the Senate. The power is evenly divided.”

“What does that mean? It means if the Democrats win here, Joe Biden can quickly fill the federal courts with radicals, radicals who would take away your liberties and mine. Who would take away your rights to religious liberty. Your rights to free speech. Your Second Amendment rights,” he insisted.

“It also puts us incredibly close to Chuck Schumer being able to end the filibuster. The Democrats tried to do it in the last Congress. Only two Democratic senators said no–Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.”