‘She found that to be funny’: George W. Bush’s daughter looks back on her father meeting Queen Elizabeth

George W. Bush’s daughter shared a touching memory of a meeting between her father and Queen Elizabeth II in which the late monarch showed some of her reserved humor. 

Today host Jenna Bush Hager said that her dad made the queen laugh when he described himself as the “black sheep” of his family during a light chat.

Bush’s daughter shares memory of Queen Elizabeth

The queen found the comment amusing, Hager said, pointing to a particular photograph of her father and the queen in the midst of a “wild joke.”

“You can tell that she and my dad are making some sort of wild joke, and that Prince Philip and my mother, slightly more dignified are looking over like, ‘this is not the time’,” Hager said.

“And my dad actually said, ‘I know every family has a black sheep. You’re meeting mine’. In reference to himself. She found that to be funny.”

The queen made headlines during her state visit to the U.S. in 2007 with a rejoinder to one of the then-president’s “Bushisms.” While welcoming the queen to America, Bush accidentally said she had helped commemorate the nation’s bicentennial in 1776.

Later, the queen replied in her own speech, “I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, ‘When I was here in 1776…'”

The world mourns beloved queen

Ever faithful to her duties, the queen was diplomatic with every president she had the occasion to meet – which was all but one of the fourteen that served during her momentous reign, the longest of any British monarch.

While her death has brought forth predictable invective about “colonialism,” the queen was widely respected by world leaders and ordinary people alike.

Tens of thousands of mourners gathered Monday in the streets of London and Windsor to pay respects to the queen, whose 70 years on the throne linked generations of Britons together.

She was laid to rest alongside her late husband Prince Philip at St. George’s Chapel following several days of solemn ceremony that captivated the world.

Her state funeral was watched by over 4 billion people, making it likely the most-watched television event in history.