In Georgia, nearly 76,000 new voters have registered for runoffs

When Georgia votes in two Senate runoffs on January 5, there will be nearly 76,000 potential first-time voters who weren’t registered to vote in presidential election took place in November, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The number is more than enough to impact election results in the state, where Joe Biden won by only 12,000 in the presidential race.

A majority of the voters, 53%, are under 35 years old, and 46% were non-white. Traditionally, this does not bode well for Republicans in elections, but will the newly registered voters turn out?

While 914,000 voters had already voted in the state by Friday, where early voting opened December 14, less than 3,000 of the newly registered voters had cast ballots so far.

Out-of-state voters worry GOP

The Journal speculated that many of the new voters may have been registered automatically when they got or renewed driver’s licenses in the state, which doesn’t necessarily translate automatically to voting. 7.7 million voters are registered in Georgia, which is a record number.

But GOP leaders are worried that encouragement by some celebrities right after the presidential election may have led to out-of-state voters trying to register in Georgia to skew results toward Democrats.

Already, investigations into groups that are suspected of trying to register out-of-state voters for the pivotal election have been ongoing.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that one group, America Votes, is sending absentee ballots to people at addresses where they have not lived in decades.

“Voting in Georgia when you are not a resident of Georgia is a felony,” he reminded people.

Lawsuits already pending in runoff elections

A number of Georgia GOP leaders have already sued the state to get new voters’ ballots removed from the count, alleging that a number of the new registrants are actually out-of-state residents.

A judge has already rejected the suit, but it could be appealed. A second lawsuit filed by Atlanta-based lawyer Lin Wood seeks to bar the state from using Dominion voting machines in the election and challenges absentee vote handling.

President Donald Trump has alleged that widespread voter fraud took place in Georgia and that he was the rightful winner of the state.

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