Georgia Democrat David Scott emerges after rumors he went missing

Georgia Democratic Rep. David Scott re-emerged at a committee hearing on Tuesday, dispelling rumors that he had gone missing.

As Breitbart reported, the 77-year-old congressman’s absence, even amidst a landslide re-election victory, had led to speculation that something was amiss.

Democrat re-emerges

As questions had swirled about Scott’s whereabouts, his Republican opponent Caesar Gonzalez had raised doubts about the authenticity of recent images from Scott’s social media accounts, including a late October photo of Scott receiving a service award.

“They released a photo through his Twitter account with a claim that he was receiving an award,” Gonzalez said. “The photo had been altered and they showed a separate picture of the plaque with a date of October 29 … by itself.”

Gonzalez wasn’t the only one with doubts. Twitter users weighed in on the photo, including some of Scott’s constituents.

You’re my rep and I haven’t seen you in my area in YEARS. You haven’t been putting out signs, your minions are PAYING people to put signs in their yards. #AreYouAlive,” the tweet said. 

Alive and well?

Gonzalez alleged an “amateurish effort to conceal the obvious.”

“They also had a video on his YouTube channel dated October 29th,” Gonzales added. “Problem is the foliage behind him was bright green. We are in Fall, with multicolored foliage. Turns out they aired the very same video — in June.”

But a video posted to Scott’s Facebook page appeared to show that he was present at a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday.

“At today’s House Committee on Financial Services subcommittee hearing, I raised questions on how to protect U.S. investors and our national security alike. Looking forward to continuing the discussion on this issue,” a Facebook post said.

Scott re-emerged just as the House was confirmed to have flipped to the Republicans following last week’s midterm elections. The elections have raised concerns about the increased use of ballot harvesting by Democrats to drive turnout. Scott won re-election easily in Georgia’s mostly black 13th district.