MLB’s pullout of All-Star game from Georgia means $100 million in lost tourism revenue

Major League Baseball, along with a number of other large corporations, has vehemently protested the recent passing of a round of new voter and election reform laws in Georgia. The MLB went as far as yanking their extremely popular All-Star game from Atlanta and will host the game elsewhere.

According to The Hill, that move alone, which was widely panned by many in the mainstream media and by some Georgia Democrats, will have a devastating effect on much-needed tourism revenue in the general area of where the game was to take place — to the tune of roughly a $100 million loss. 

What’s going on?

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law a new voter integrity bill that actually offers a number of benefits for Georgia voters, but Democrats, including President Joe Biden, quickly spun the bill as a form of voter suppression or, in some cases, outright racism.

“This law, like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across the country, is a blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience,” Biden recently said. “This is Jim Crow in the 21st century.”

Since his original “Jim Crow” description, the president has repeated the line on multiple occasions, most recently labeling the laws as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

The president was called out by the ultra-left-leaning Washington Post earlier in the week after he told a number of blatant lies about the bill and what it means for Georgia voters, though that hasn’t seemed to stop him from spreading the falsities in front of any camera or reporter he encounters.

Many “woke” corporations and companies, like the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, joined in the protests of the election reform bills, all taking jabs at Georgia Republicans for what they claim is a clear attempt to suppress the Black vote in the Peach State.

The backfiring

It might be momentarily popular for corporations like Coke, Delta, and the MLB to take a ride on the social justice public relations train, which is always good for extra press attention, but in the MLB’s case, pulling the All-Star game and other events from the state will be horrific for the very people they claim to defend.

Cobb County, Georgia president and CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism, Holly Quinlan, estimates that the loss of the All-Star game will have roughly a $100 million impact on lost tourism revenue, adding that the timing is far from ideal, given that many vendors and businesses are just now attempting to recover from losses sustained by the pandemic.

“The 8,000-plus contracted hotel room nights that will not actualize as a result of the MLB All-Star Game relocation will have a negative impact on Cobb’s hospitality industry and other local businesses, further delaying recovery,” Quinlan said.

Some of Georgia’s most influential Democratic leaders, such as former gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams and Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) expressed their disappointment with the move to pull the game out of state, saying that it will have a negative economic impact on those who were counting on the popular event.

Hopefully, “woke” corporations will eventually be able to see that they’re likely doing more harm than good in many cases, which is clearly going to be the case in Georgia this year.

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      1. Don’t worry, the MLB is going to “hurt” after their multiple “tax benefits” are thrown out by the legislature; as one state representative said “be woke, GO BROKE” and he is already working on that legislation. The other nine corporations, following in the MLB footsteps, may regret their own decisions, because they will become Georgia’s “ugly stepchild”. As for any “damages” caused by MLB, etc., simply “because they don’t like Georgia’s NEW voting legislation”, we can look directly at “stinky stacy abrams” as the “cause”. The legislation has been enacted to COUNTERACT “her own” illegal voting activities. By the way, the new law does NOT disenfranchise anyone’s ability to vote, AS LONG AS they are “legally entitled” to vote in the first place. It does NOT impede access to voting, as long as your are LEGALLY entitled to do so; it simply makes “fraud” more difficult.

      1. Stephen,
        The Democrats deliberately told lies about Georgias’ new voting laws in that the ONLY new thing was having to show some form of identifacation
        like the Baseball Field did for YOUR tickets to watch the game.

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  3. Iu. Am not an expert on contract law, but it seems that Major League Baseball should be held responsible for breaking its contracts to hold their Allstar game and draft in Atlanta. Whatever the potential loss in revenue that will be put upon Atlanta as well as punitive awards should be ironed out in court and Major League Baseball made to pay.

  4. You talk about the TAIL wagging the dog, I personnel’s hope MLB collapses. Maybe even better they can relocate in a different country, one that doesn’t allow free ideas,speech,movement etc. It would be interesting also to see what happens to their big million dollar wages, “what a joke”. I sincerely hope that the responsible hard working people of this country start to PUSH back against this lunacy. Al

    1. Don’t worry AL in the Democrats new America regular people won’t be allowed to actually go to sporting events. The MLB is going to find out just like the police union did the Democrats don’t care about them , once their political need for them is spent they no longer have a voice.

      1. The sorry thing is that in 5 years you won’t be able to tell 2026 from 2019 or 2000 or any year in between. Right now you can barely tell the difference from the 1960’s……protests, riots, general turmoil, political upheaveal. Certain groups haven’t progressed a bit in spite of all the actions by the government. There won’t be progress until the affected groups change themselves. They will remain their own worst enemy !!!

  5. We have to have valid ID to do anything and everything in this country! So, why should voter ID be an exception? Why, because the Demoncreeps want another way to cheat!!! People need to wake up to lies being spread about this. Thanks to the Governor in Georgia for FINALLY doing the right thing. We the American taxpayers in this country are completely fed up with all the BS!! If these cry baby corporations take these positions, they will suffer the consequences! The stockholders better demand they rethink getting involved in politics because we the public can drop them immediately!!! I have. I’m sure I’m not alone!!

  6. Why would anyone with even half a brain listen to what Biden may say. He sadly is a manipulated demented fool who should never have been president.

  7. Agree to all posts! It is time for us, THE PEOPLE, to show the “ big corporations” they do not decide how we vote, what our voting laws should be. Good for Governor Kemp! Hope all other state governors follow his lead.

  8. I’m so proud of the comments you all put up on this post. Americans CAN and DO stand up for American values. Now, if we could only get the majority of the GOP to follow suit. They better or they will find themselves voted out in 2022 as well.

  9. I do enjoy Baseball. But between kneeling for the flag and now moving the allstar game out of Atlanta because of the voting laws. Corporations need to stay out of politics. Also, before making a decision, make sure your facts are correct. I will not be watching baseball games, buying Coca Cola products, or flying Delta.

  10. Everyone wants term limits, The only way I can see that happening is that every election everyone votes against the incumbent, now that would be real term limits.

  11. Hey you executives…. have you been snorting the original main ingredient in your formula?
    Where will Coca-Cola move to and how much will it cost? How many career employees will move with them and at what cost? What the h e double hockey sticks will it benefit Coca-Cola? Will your stockholders be pleased?
    Somebody be sure they have a sharp knife…it will make spitefully cutting their nose off less painful. And how many customers will switch to Pepsi or Dr. Pepper?
    And Delta…go back to your crop-dusting roots… nobody has to fly Delta.
    And a little history for you Democrats…The Republicans freed the slaves and the former slave owners became the Democrat politicians. And today they are for abortion-murdering babies. How can you stand it?

  12. I seriously want one and all to boycot Delta, Coca-cola and MLB. Cancel them. There are other airlines to ride on, other carbonated drinks to drink, but quite frankly I can’t endorse any kind of sport. Sorry. The reason I say that is because men are infiltrating women’s sports and it seems to me that all the sport agencies are getting a little (or a lot) political. Just getting some things off my mind.

  13. Looks like dems pissed all over everyone again, on the other hand , MLB let them selves be stampeded by cancel culture this will probably be worse than the strikes in the ’90s like many losers went to Japan to get back in ,maybe this batch of commies losers can go to China , or Moscow to play, and get her ice cold cup of commie coke , or go coca cola for the ayatollah .me I’d rather watch Walker Texas Ranger reruns than any pro sports anymore

    1. Hey Mc Rant: NICE TO TAKE THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT SOMETHING PERTANANT TO SAY, TO HAVE IT SENSORED BY THIS SITE … Its ok… I’ll mention it in 10 other sites I’m affiliated with.

      No Swearing just a heap of praise on Trump & all he did that was great for our country. We wont forget.

  14. Can you say Boy, with a, cott. I don’t need them kneeling, playing politics, when you should stand proud for the flag.

  15. If I was impacted by this there would be a Law suit to end all Law suits . I would go for 2 billion dollars and a apology.

  16. Try this on for size oh yea UnAmerican Digest worshippers:

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