Georgia lawmakers pass bill requiring voter ID for mail-in ballots

November’s election has left many Americans worried about the potential of voter fraud — particularly related to mail-in ballots — in future races.

In Georgia, where concerns have been especially pronounced, state lawmakers voted this week to pass a bill implementing tighter security measures on absentee voting.

“Not about disenfranchising voters”

As recent reports explain, the legislation mandates that voters provide either a photocopy of a state-issued identification or its associated number when casting a vote by mail.

The bill passed primarily along party lines by a 35–18 margin, and Georgia Republicans are touting it as a step toward safeguarding the integrity of future elections. Democrats, on the other hand, largely contend that it represents an effort to discourage minorities from voting.

State Sen. Larry Walker, the Republican who sponsored the bill, defended it in a statement declaring that it is “not about disenfranchising voters” or “overly burdening the electorate.”

Instead, he argued that the bill was aimed at “efficiency, integrity, allowing the Georgia public to have confidence in the vote.”

For his part, Democratic state Sen. David Lucas issued his party’s prevailing view that this and other election-reform bills are actually about turning people away from the polls.

“No question about what’s going to happen”

“The election didn’t turn out the way you want and you want to perpetuate the lie that Trump told,” Lucas said, adding that Democrats are “going to fight” against the new legislation.

He went on to tell GOP lawmakers that “there’s no question about it what’s going to happen, and you’re going to spend taxpayer money trying to defend it.”

State senators also passed a Republican-friendly bill requiring polling officials to count the total number of votes that had been cast, breaking the results down by method before any tallies could be publicly released. That legislation’s sponsor, GOP state Sen. Bill Cowsert, declared: “Give people the totals. Let people have the piece [sic] of mind that nothing’s been done in the dark of night.”

Democrats denounced the effort over concerns that delays would undermine public confidence, including Sen. Elena Parent, who predicted that the measure “would just cause more angst.”

Another bill passed along more bipartisan lines that would allow the state’s counties to start processing mail-in vote totals more than a week before Election Day.

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31 Responses

    1. Right. And why would it discourage minorities from voting? Fro many years I always had to show ID to vote and so this not having to do so is something new. I never minded showing ID. It is the only way to help prevent voter fraud like we saw in this last election that Biden told us ahead of time he had set up and he still wins? He was part of the fraud and told us so why is he not in jail?

    2. People like Stacy Abrams will be the ones pushing against Voter ID. With giving to have ID they will have to prove they are a legal resident of the state of Georgia. Florida has a voter ID system I find nothing wrong with providing ID when I registered to vote nor when I vote.

    1. I agree and hope other states take these into consideration, before the next election. There was widespread fraud in the Presidential election. Anybody with half a brain can see that.

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  2. Good for Georgia everyone should have to show their ID to vote! We the people want to make sure that votes are cast by American citizens and it should only be a problem if you intend to cheat

    1. SAME in MO, as it should be!!! The US needs to have honest elections and ID’s will help in insure that they are. You have to have an ID nowadays for everything you do to keep things honest – why not for voting??

  3. That js rt the Democratics are cheaters they stole the elections don’t allow anyone 2 give mail in votes not a good ideal the Illegal aliens can vote like that and that’s how the Democratic cheated before when years ago when we used to vote you guys used to asked us for our identification why did you guys stop that Republicans I don’t understand why you stop that you guys need to keep it the way it use to be if Minorities can’t come in and vote with a New York state identification then they don’t need to vote and I’m an IM a minority so this is how the democratics cheated before no do not allow any voting in mailing votes no stop that right now I mean it look what these Democratics trying to do stop us for speaking the truth no vote in Violets no no no if u can’t come in with a New York State ID like before than u can’t vote what is wrong w this no way come in I don’t care if u can’t come in than don’t vote I mean it show New York State ID like it used to be we need it to come back the I don’t like these Cheetah democratics

  4. When they have democrats going house to house to pick up votes they should be 2 republicans with them. They should have it live streaming to show if they told people who they need to vote for. Only shirt that says vote nothing else. No voting in where there basketball players telling them who to vote for. If anyone was caught they should serve 20 years in prison. If any person for the united postal service throws away votes they should serve 30 years. 5 years is nothing for throwing votes away.

  5. Having worked as an election clerk and then as an election judge ALL voters must have a valid I.D. I worked for 20 years. Once years ago, I made my husband go back home and get his I.D. after he had forgotten it. So I am definitely FOR a valid I.D. We’ve only refused one ballot in all those years because the signatures and photo did NOT match. This a small town and among the clerks and me, we knew all the voters or were related to them. We never had a question on the count.

  6. We have to show id like driver’s license to vote in person in Fl and I think it should be nationwide. You can get an id card if you don’t want a drivers license, so voter suppression arguments about this is B.S.! Too bad didn’t have this before election; Trump would be in office maybe Perdue or Loeffler would be in senate.

  7. This may NOT make any difference, no court would hear any complaints last time about breaking the law. If no judge will even read it, including SCOTUS, then we are in the same place. The Dems. can do what ever they want & get away with it.

  8. This should have been done BEFORE the election! And votes should NOT be processed before Election Day! No votes accepted after the polls close! This should be a nationwide law, no valid I.d. No vote! It does NOT suppress minority voters, if they can’t get to the polls, transportation should be provided. And no one should be allowed to take someone elses’ Ballot to the polling place, NO mail in voting, no early voting, and only deployed military personnel can vote absentee ballots. How hard is that? Every state legislature should do that in their states. And only paper ballots with a watermark, NO voting machines, no machine tabulation, each precinct counting their own votes, then tally’s sent to the state office! Keep it legal!

  9. Stop mail in ballots and put strict limits on absentee ballots. You need to go farther with this. They will find a loophole.

  10. So liberals get bent out of shape over showing an ID to vote but don’t say anything about the list of other things you have to show an ID for… gee, I wonder why.

  11. Definitely need voter I.D. in 2 forms if mail in voting continues. FIRST, no one, no company outside of the U.S. territory should have anything to do with elections…no servers, hardware, software, ballots or anything to do with the election process. Every item connection to an election should be made in America and no foreign influence at all!

  12. People are required to show ID to get in Government buildings, to get alcoholic beverages, to get in bars, cigarettes, to get on planes, etc. and have no problem with that. So showing ID to vote isn’t really the problem, unless there’s an underlying reason filled with dishonesty.

  13. We the people need our voices heard. Who is representing the PEOPLE!!!!!
    No mail in voting!!! We never had a problem in the past with showing ID. DEMs are crooks. I am ashamed of this country right now. Feeling helpless in Wisconsin with our puppet Govener

  14. I can tell you the reason why because they’re opening up the border they will have means of illegals without ideas that can vote for the anybody with common sense seat at

  15. Just allowing someone to “carry the number” from the voter ID isn’t really proof. For all you know it could be the numbers from someone else’s ID. Make it be that they CARRY THE COMPLETE ID. Just as you would not accept a partial drivers license, you should not accept a partial state ID unless you WANT more trouble with voter fraud!

  16. No mail-in ballots, no early voting, only voting precincts (go mark your ballots and put in collection box), and no voting machines that can be manipulated. The communities will just have to provide more places to vote and more volunteers to count the ballots by hand. Only way to do it.

  17. Kudos top Georgia for taking a step forward, Perhaps not perfect but a step in the correct direction. Sure wish Pa. could be forced to follow suit and DEMAND ID for the mail in cotes just as they do for those of us who vote in person. Any laxity in ID verification (should be proof of valid address & signature !) is an invitation to FRAUD !

  18. To get a drivers license you have to have more than an ID, you need your old drivers license, utility bill, property tax statement, social security card and on—and-on. To be eligible to vote you at least need photo ID and proof of residency.

  19. The Dems are joking about public confidence, right?From what I saw last year their cheating started way before the election. The Republicans did nothing to stop them. Between the Democratic Governers and AG’s just changing election laws without legislation. Please stop with being offended hypocrisy. I would love to see a fair election, just don’t think the Democrats are capable of doing that.In Milwaukee they are still catering to unfair election this spring, as stated on their mailers for this spring election about not needing your ID to match up with any mail in voting. What a joke!!!

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