Report: Georgia will criminally prosecute 35 voter fraud cases

The Georgia State Election Board referred 35 cases of voter fraud to state legal authorities for criminal prosecution on Wednesday, the Washington Examiner reported. 

According to Atlanta’s local ABC station WSB, some of the cases are related to the 2020 election, but others are from previous elections because investigators work on a volunteer basis and only meet weekly.

“Election fraud is not tolerated in Georgia. When there is evidence of it, the people responsible face prosecution,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said. “Georgia has multiple safeguards in place that allow our team of investigators to discover fraudulent voting. They worked to catch the wrongdoing in these cases, and they maintain the security of Georgia elections.”

Raffensperger was criticized by former President Donald Trump and others after the 2020 election over reports of voter fraud in the state. Biden won the state with fewer than 12,000 votes, which was less than one-half of one percent of the vote.

No widespread fraud

At the meeting where the cases were announced, officials were careful to state that no widespread voter fraud, machine malfunctions, or election management problems occurred in 2020 or any previous elections.

In one case, over 70 fraudulent voter registrations were submitted, and another case involved the improper handling of memory cards that contained 2,760 votes in the 2020 election.

Most of the other cases only involved one or two fraudulent votes.

“I think people need to understand that we’re not going to tolerate noncitizens voting and also people double-voting,” Raffensperger said during a TV interview with WSB on Thursday. “The board is not going to have a lot of patience with people willfully defying the laws of Georgia.”

There is no set timetable for handling the cases.

Warnock under investigation

Newly elected Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is also under investigation by the state for his leadership of the New Georgia Project, a voter organization created by failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams.

The organization is accused of failing to deliver 1,268 voter registration applications to the Gwinnett County elections office within a 10-day time period in 2019 as specified by Georgia law, the Examiner reported.

Warnock is no longer associated with the group, having resigned from his position to be sworn in as a senator in January. However, he served as the group’s chairman at the time of the infraction.

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48 Responses

  1. Why is it that there are always “reports” of absolutely “NO VOTER FRAUD”, machines and data manipulated, when the NUMBERS speak for themselves (but no one wants to listen as long as THEIR candidate wins?)
    The days of “free and fair elections” are now a thing of the past, as the democommunists have again gotten away with the theft of an election. and because of the “double standards” the TERRIFIED “judges” “investigators” and crooked “representatives” will not go against the communist agenda, as they (IN MY OPINION) have been BRIBED or they and their families threatened if they did not kowtow to their new communist “masters”.

      1. Warnock always looked and acted like the criminal he is. This jerk is only going to fill his pockets , if he can get away it. The was this election was held they and all of us the only way to vote is in person,to heck with this mail in that has proven to be criminal.

      2. They need to investigate all who are corrupt , past & present, in the Democratic party there is a trend which has been going on in that party way back from the Clinton era, Ms. Pelosi has a serious problem with honesty of busting corruption in her own political party , but why is that ? I want to know the owner of dominion & it software. Why the owner has not been subpoenaed to court in front of a Federal judge to appear with the patent & all the schematics , capabilities???

    1. They just picked out some minor fraud cases to make it look like they were doing their job. Nothing but a cover up for the large voter fraud that occurred. The real voter fraud issue that is important is ignored because the people who are involved with it are the ones who are in charge of prosecuting it . The days of fair elections are indeed over. With the criminal democrats in charge the needed changes to prevent fraud will never take place. It will be up to the people to overcome the fraud by doing something if we want our country back. Without fair elections we have nothing that resembles our constitutional republic, and no freedom from government control.

  2. The demorats said there was no voter fraud because they thought they had it all swept under the rug, keep digging get Biden/Harris out of the W.H. TRUMP back in and save are country….

    1. Biden himself told us about the fraud planned before election so why was he not arrested? I still have the picture of him saying this.

    2. right thanks for admitting that We can see it without their admitting it. They think we will believe their lies. We will NOT forget and will vote against them all next time. I wonder if they will try this again next time? If there is a next time.

      1. yes they will. There will never be another election won by Republicans until we find a way to remove the machines or cut the wires attaching them to the internet, course with wifi that could be difficult.

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  4. I’m not sure, but it seems like this investigation is “a day late and a dollar short”. Nothing should have been certified until all is clear and verified to be true and accurate. It doesn’t do any candidate any good to loose because of fraudulent means. Elections are held so that “THE” people could elect someone who will represent them in their respective state/county. The peoples voice should be heard and acted upon NOW not next election. We have election laws and policies which should be enforced then not later.

  5. We still have the problem with mail in ballots being at .4 percent in 2020 and always above that in previous elections almost 4 percent . So something is wrong.

  6. My President is Trump. Biden is nothing, a terrible person in the white who helped in fraud elections. He was never honest. He was in Georgia helping in the fraud. He is the godfather in his family business. This is my opinion. He is making a mess of America.

  7. I bet IF they kept digging, they’d find that illusive widespread voter fraud they keep denying existed!
    There’s already proof of those “machines” switching at least 6% of conservative votes over to democrats. (Sorry, I can’t remember the state that was in recorded in recently!)
    Plus, Arizona’s legislature isn’t appreciating the lack of interest the board is taking over voter fraud!
    There’s probably more out there. Only the MSM won’t cover it!

  8. We the ppl all know there Was significant voter fraud – if ur going to investigate be HONEST –
    Fess up & stop the insane cover up!!!

  9. What about Stacy’s sister “The Judge”, who allowed thousands of non-residents vote in the run offs and probably the main election. This Secretary of State is just playing the game with the Democrats… just another RINO like the Governor.

    1. Stacy and her evil sister should both serve significant time behind bars. Treat them the way that they treat the PEOPLE.

  10. No,Evil go unpunished,that Stacy Adams wanted all Republicans to loose,so she could become ATTORNEY GENERAL,so she rigged the elections when no one is looking. She and her Sister are Evil people hope they go to jail.ALso that Warmock socalled pastor guy his day is coming,as be wants Un-Born Babies murdered God is not .ocked Warmock!! WHAT YOU SOW YOU WILL REAP!!

  11. As usual there won’t be any punishment once the doj gets involved. They and the fbi are a joke as we have been shown. Warnock should be recalled because he is a total fraud.

  12. It’s so sad to see how these election officers and the sectarian of state and governors go along with crooks to steal our election and they will make up excuses how going try and fix some parts of it after our country has been tore apart and going down hill everyday it’s a shame

  13. Isn’t it interesting? President Trump and those who supported his Presidency, his re-election were called liars, claims about fraud were dismissed, ignored, called false…. And yet, now the very man that denied this in his state – says wait, there was voter fraud. I do not believe the machines all functioned properly. There are documented reports that say otherwise. Brad Raffensperger lied repeatedly. And now we should just accept his claim. How about all records being opened up for an official review. Every document, every machine, all of it.
    No more hiding, pretending, lying. That would be the right thing to do. But wait, what? That Mr. Raffensperger would have been the right thing to do when questions were asked previously. Yet you lied. Speaking of treason?

    1. Debra you are so right. Biden doesn’t even know where is is. It’s very sad. I go out in the public an people are so angry. We fight for our rights to be free and the dems push us down . This garbage we need to unite rep and dem is crap. Dems want it their way and we the people don’t count. God help us!

  14. Why are some of the authorities denying access to those dominion machines why can’t they get court orders and get Call the rights to those dominion machine so they can be gone through and see how many votes was actually transferred to Biden that’s what I’ve heard and that’s my opinion that it’s true thanks for letting me speak on the way I feel about it I’m sure Trump won the election have a great day

  15. Day late & dollar short
    We the ppl know this election was STOLEN BY DNC –
    Fraudulent election –
    Watch the destruction of our country happening before our eyes –
    We the ppl r without a party – Republicans caved!!!

  16. I have seen some of the 2020 investigative reports from Georgia 2020 election and I do not agree with what Georgia Secretary of State is saying at all.

    1. I’ll second that coment, ole Warnock and Stacy Ab. are in the same room, along with J Biden, that jerk lies with a stright face, he’s had almost 50 years sucking form our pocket book.

  17. During the Georgia hearing, the IT expert interrupted the meeting to say the machines were connected to the internet and it was easy to do. This was during the time of the Senate elections. The legislators did nothing. That election should hsve been stopped and a forensic examination should have been done. Until every machine in every state is audited, it will happen again

  18. There is nothing hidden under the sun that will not be revealed at the appointed time. It may be late, but you will not escape your reward or punishment from God. There is time for everything under the sun, says the good book.

  19. Investigation????? Whatever. Nothing will happen unless God steps in. EVERYONE knows (except Libs) that there is PLENTY of proof of voter fraud!!!

  20. The bulk of fraud was committed in 6 battleground states. So yes, you could say there wasn’t widespread fraud. But, Trump only had to take 3 of those states to win.
    Here in Michigan, the count was stopped at 3 am and everyone was told to go home. One pole watcher stayed and witnessed 3 vehicles with out of state plates roll in to the TCF center in Detroit and unload unofficial boxes and coolers full of ballots. When counting resumed, all republican watchers were not let in, and they even taped cardboard over the windows so they couldn’t see inside. All of a sudden Trump’s lead was erased with a 138,000 vote increase for Beijing Biden. There wasn’t supposed to be any ballots counted after 8 pm.
    At a Legislature whistleblower blower
    hearing, an I T witness testified the voter registration book showed 120 percent.
    That means the book had 20 percent more votes than people registered.
    The liberal judge said the witnesses wasn’t credible. She testified under oath at the risk of perjury! So why don’t any of the hundreds of people who signed affidavits saying they witnessed fraud and irregularities get prosecuted?
    The problem besides the liberal msm not
    doing their jobs, is the liberal judges that
    are appointed by Democrat controlled cities for far too long.

  21. Nothing but smokescreen in an attempt to show that they take voter fraud serious. These arrests are small potatoes while they let the BIG fraudsters walls. The GA Secretary of State along with the Governor are the big fraudsters.

  22. “No widespread voter fraud occurred”!! BULL HOCKEY and kemp and raffensperger are, both, up to their ears in this one.

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