Georgia legislature moves to restrict use of mail-in absentee ballots

Following up on claims of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election, numerous state legislatures are taking steps to address legitimate concerns about the integrity of the ballot, including Republican-led Georgia.

The Washington Examiner reported that — following a special deadline this past week — Georgia’s House and Senate continue to consider roughly a dozen election-reform bills which would create substantial changes to the way the state uses absentee ballots in future elections. 

Senate cracks down on absentee ballots

Chief among the election-reform bills is SB241, which was already passed by the Georgia Senate. If passed in the state House and signed into law, the bill will eliminate so-called “no-excuse” absentee ballot voting by limiting the eligibility requirements for a voter to acquire an absentee ballot.

Should that bill become law, the only Georgia voters who would be permitted to cast absentee ballots would be those who are 65 or older, absent from their precinct on Election Day, observing a religious holiday, residing overseas or deployed by the military, serving as a caretaker, or employed in an “essential worker” role and not have the ability to vote on the day of an election.

The bill would also establish a tip line for voters to report allegations of intimidation or irregularities and impose more oversight of the state legislature with regard to election boards and executive branch officials.

House moves to limit absentee voting

Meanwhile, the Georgia House has already passed a bill HB531, which, among a number of reform measures, would modify the way the state conducts primary elections, limit early weekend voting, and prohibit the use of private funding for elections.

According to The Hill, HB531 would also eliminate the prior signature matching requirement for absentee ballot applications and replace it with a more stringent valid ID requirement for voters to be eligible to receive a mail-in ballot.

Furthermore, the bill would also reduce the time period during which voters could apply for an absentee ballot and would limit the use of ballot drop-off boxes.

Restoring faith in the electoral process

Not surprisingly, Democrats and their media allies have cried foul at the aforementioned reforms and falsely alleged that they are purposefully designed and intended to oppress Black voters.

However, True The Vote, an organization focused on election integrity, noted in a recent press release that critics of the reform measures were being disingenuous about what the bills would actually do if signed into law.

Far from oppressing the rights of certain voters, the organization argued that the bills would actually serve to “verify, protect, and secure” the “sacred” right to vote and help to “eliminate fraud” and make sure that all valid ballots — and only valid ballots — were ultimately included in a final tally.

The group concluded, “With voter integrity being a top priority, Georgia’s omnibus bills aim to restore faith back into the elections process. Now it is time for more states to do the same.”

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25 Responses

    1. I’m hopeful that other states will follow. I’m really hoping Michigan changes….. but I doubt it,with demonrats whitmer and her AG nessler won’t allow it. They are total commies…..

  1. Yes Exactly Kenneth. We in AZ also show ID. If you drive a car, you have ID. I see no problem with showing ID.

    1. Agreed! (Registered, solicited) Absentee ballot ahead of Election Day OR Voting in person with ID registration at correct prescient on Election Day should be the ONLY 2 options. Any thing else is unsolicited, PERIOD.
      Ruth in AZ

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  3. mail in voting has always been fraud Here in NM you just say your name and if that name is on the list you get a ballet. a lot off the states have DEAD PEOPLE VOTING

  4. Most of the Democrats want the mail in voting because of fraud. And the illegal immigrants can add to that. He could careless if these people can get in the country or if they are sick, dangerous or anything else. Their is no me in team Dingbat. Actually, there is, but it is backwards like his policies. No voter fraud. Ha! Just like there is common sense in his agenda. Keep blaming President Trump. Everyone, except the people that actually know what President Trump did good. Compare policies, not people.

  5. It is time to secure all things that are important to all Americans. The right to vote is top on the list. Back in the past, women and blacks could not vote. We had had to fight fir the privilege. So to keep our tight, we have to protect it. In no way does these Dem deserve their seats, they are frauds! Hope it can never happen again!

  6. FINALLY a state, Georgia, that has the courage to stand up for the American voters! Huge congrats to them! You have made a whole lot of voters happy!

  7. If other states follow the example set by the state of Georgia, we would be able to once again have safe and fraud free elections. But the states should be united in this effort, because the Democrats, and the US “government” now in force wants to make the voting laws for everyone. The individual states might have to fight the “government” to keep it from interfering.

  8. Good for Georgia. Just hope the rest of the states follow the good example they have set for them.

  9. A little late isn’t it? Trump won Georgia and there NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN RUN OFFS in the TWO ELECTIONS because ballots were destroyed. Republicans were cheated all the way around. Shame on Democrats for not speaking out.

  10. Voters must have id. We use it for everything, so how come there is such a push back from the left? Of course, I know why the push back. VOTES.

  11. The pandemic gave the demonrats a clear path for voter corruption and they certainly took advantage of mail in votes. I vote by mail I’m 82 and have a hard time getting around, but I’ll get in a wheelchair and go vote in person if I’m still around 4 years from now, but they better get their voting machine in working order also to keep them from switching from Trump to idiot biden!

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