Georgia House threatens to revoke tax break for Delta Airlines following criticism of election reform law

Facing threats of boycotts and immense pressure from leftist activists, a growing number of major corporations have moved to publicly criticize a new election reform law recently passed in Georgia, as well as others being considered elsewhere across the nation.

But wading into the partisan political arena comes with substantial risk, and that was made clear this week when Georgia Republicans turned the tables back on one “woke” company by moving to revoke a key tax break that saves the business more than $30 million each year, according to reports.

“Woke” corps wade into election law debate

According to the Washington Examiner, the move came in response to criticism of the Peach State’s new election law from the CEO of the Atlanta-based Delta Airlines, who condemned the reforms as “unacceptable.” NBC News reports that the sentiment was shared in a similar statement from the head of Coca-Cola, also headquartered in Georgia’s capital.

In response to the sharp criticisms from Coke and Delta, Georgia House Republicans set about looking for ways to hit those companies where it will hurt them the most: their revenue streams.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), on the last day of the legislative session, GOP lawmakers in the state House passed an amendment to a tax bill that sought to strip Delta Airlines of a lucrative tax break on jet fuel.

“Don’t feed a dog that bites your hand”

In a blow to state House Republicans, the Georgia Senate adjourned this week without considering the amendment, meaning Delta will keep its tax break for now.

Still, numerous members of the GOP caucus in Georgia have indicated the measure could come up again in the next session.

“They like our public policy when we’re doing things that benefit them,” Georgia House Speaker David Ralston (R) told the AJC of Delta. “You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand. You got to keep that in mind sometimes.”

Later, Ralston named Delta’s CEO directly and promised to call the executive personally to “find out if he’s going to suspend flights into states that have more restrictive voting rights than we do.”

If you want to join fight, prepare to get hit

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported that nearly 200 major corporations had signed on to a joint statement condemning virtually all election reform laws enacted in Georgia and now in the works in other states, like Texas.

While doing so may have temporarily spared those corporations from the outrage of leftist activists, it merely opened the door for retaliatory measures — including boycotts — from conservative consumers who aren’t so willing to bow to the “woke” mob, as well as GOP-led legislatures.

Indeed, the Georgia House just showed that, if these corporations want to get politically “woke,” they can also go “broke” just as quickly. Is it really worth it?

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25 Responses

  1. Shame on the cowardly GA Senate. The House bill should have been approved immediately and unanimously

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      1. This just shows how dishonest these big corporations/demoncraps are. They don’t want anything to be slowing their corrup way.

  3. time to STOP these corporation from getting into politics, sick of their bulling BS !!!! WE NEED VOTER ID, we have to have ID for everything else, they are all just whining because they won’t be able to cheat their way into office anymore, like the biden administration !!!

  4. Conservatives need to show their displeasure with their pocket books – I for one am not drinking Coke (Pepsi works just fine) and won’t fly with Delta (so many other airlines to choose from). Now let’s see who else joins them so I can again change my shopping habits. I already stopped watching sports because of thr kneeling. I am not “woke” and don’t intend to be. I still go with old fashion morals and respect for others.

  5. Since the election laws that have been put in place, keep the democrats from cheating, they are retaliating any way they can. All democrats need to be deported from the country. The laws were put in place to specifically keep them from cheating AGAIN! Way to go Georgia!! I just wish Tennessee politicians would jump on that bandwagon!!

    1. I wish Michigan could dump our governor. Now she is one deceitful, immoral,dishonest person. We need our law makers to change our rules. Make it them stricter

  6. That will be an EYE OPENER, “WOKE” experience for Delta and should be applied to Coke too!
    Keep it going…

  7. Now it’s time to look at what they can do with Coke and all pro sports. The taxpayers pay for the stadiums and yet they have a not for profit tax designation so they don’t pay anything for taxes. Time the owners start paying for it and maybe they won’t be paying somebody millions of dollars to play.

  8. Proud of Georgia. Also proud of Florida. States with Republican men/women of honesty and integrity.
    Drink Dr. Pepper. Don’t fly Delta.

  9. Finally, state gov’t fighting back. Where are the rest of the STATES? We are all in this together. COME ON STATES!!! WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER!!! There is MORE of us than THEM!!!

  10. Delta I guess two can play this game, you’ll loose your tax break & customers! I’ve always liked Southwest better than Delta & Coke has gone down in flavor in the past years so Pepsi here we come!!

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