German study finds support for free speech over political correctness

A new German study could spell bad news for the political left around the world.

What the study found, according to Breitbart News, is that roughly half of the German population believes that accusations of racism and political correctness can have a chilling effect on speech. 

The study

The study was sponsored by the state. Its purpose was to monitor the so-called racism that exists among the German people.

It’s clear from the report issued by those who conducted the study that the whole point was to produce data sdhowing that, one, Germans are racist, and two, the overwhelming majority of Germans want to fix this.

The study, as you can probably guess, is largely nonsense. Dr. Gunnar Beck, MEP for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, explains that it all has to do with the way “racism” is defined.

“One thing to bear in mind is that the German government defines racism inter alia as the belief that Germany should limit unqualified or non-European immigration even if such limits are in accordance with the Geneva Refugees Convention,” Beck explained.

“As 75 percent of Germans wish to limit non-EU immigration this automatically makes them racist,” he continued. “If the same definition of racism were applied [across] the EU, most Western European populations would be 90 percent racist and it would be 98 percent in Eastern Europe.”

An important finding

But, not everything in the study was nonsense.

Those conducting the study found that “almost half of the population (45 percent) think that accusations of racism and ‘political correctness’ restrict freedom of expression.”

In other words, roughly half the population is aware of the way the political left has been using so-called political correctness to silence their political opposition rather than addressing their political opposition head-on with open debate.

Germany has given us explicit examples of this in recent months. We, for example, have seen the German government trying to stop people from symbolically using the letter “Z” because it could indicate support for the Russian government.

This finding is bad news for leftist leaders around the world because the more people who recognize the way the left is using political correctness to silence their political opposition the more difficult it will be for the left to enact this tyranny.

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