‘Get over it’: Fauci decries vaccine hesitancy, calls it a ‘political statement’

As part of the White House’s increasingly authoritarian vaccination campaign, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been using his perch on cable news and what is left of his threadbare credibility to bully those resisting the shot, declaring that they need to “get over it” and surrender their personal liberty.

Fauci turned to even more hyperbolic rhetoric in a recent CNN interview, claiming that Americans would still be fighting smallpox and polio if past vaccination campaigns faced the kind of “misinformation” that the White House is now trying to crush, Fox News reported.

But Fauci glosses over history to make vaccine skepticism sound unusual or unprecedented when that is hardly the case, according to a report from PJ Media.

COVID and “false information”

According to reports, mandatory vaccination laws for the smallpox vaccine, the first vaccine in history, faced opposition from citizens’ leagues in Victorian England and in the United States, where controversy resulted in a Supreme Court ruling, Jacobson v. Massachusetts.

Early attempts to create a polio vaccine went horribly wrong and resulted in death or paralysis in some cases, and in more recent history, the Pentagon’s mandatory anthrax vaccination campaign caused many soldiers to suffer adverse reactions, and a judge blocked it in 2004 before it was resumed.

But in his interview with obedient lapdog Jim Acosta, Fauci plugged the administration’s partisan talking points, disparaging skeptics as nothing more than kooks misled by “false information.”

If there had been such “pushback” to the smallpox and polio vaccines, Fauci claimed, “we probably would still have smallpox and we probably would still have polio in this country.”

Follow the science?

Either Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he’s lying. It would not be the first time he misled the public. He is also apparently unaware that the FDA has issued formal warnings about potential side effects from the coronavirus vaccine.

But as he put it recently, questioning his authority and the arbitrary statements he has often made is an “attack on science.”

The megalomaniac is now offering his blessing to draconian efforts by the Biden administration to censor so-called “misinformation” on Facebook that it blames for the reluctance of millions of Americans to get vaccinated.

Biden has even accused Facebook of “killing people,” despite Biden having worked to sow doubt about the vaccine during the 2020 presidential campaign. It appears that the difference between “misinformation” and unquestionable fact has a lot to do with who’s in control of the White House.

Here’s a thought: Let everyone decide what’s best for them. Coercion and lies are not going to convince anyone.

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