Ghana soccer star Christian Atsu found dead in Turkey earthquake rubble

 February 19, 2023

The earthquakes that violently shook Turkey and Syria earlier this month have taken tens of thousands of lives, and soccer fans learned this week that one of the best in the sport was among those who have perished. 

According to Breitbart, Ghana soccer star Christian Atsu was one of the dead found in the rubble left behind in the wake of the massive earthquakes.

Breitbart noted: "Search teams recovered Atsu’s body in the ruins of a luxury 12-story building where he had been living in the city of Antakya, Hatay province, his manager said Saturday."

The manager of the building told local media: "Atsu’s lifeless body was found under the rubble. At the moment, his belongings are still being removed."


Atsu had moved to Turkey after signing in September with Turkish soccer club Hatayspor.

Notably, just hours before the first major earthquake struck the area, Atsu had scored the winning goal for his team at home against Kasimpaşa S.K.

"Christian Atsu’s last ever goal was a free kick. Mohammed Kudus dedicated his goal today to Atsu after scoring a free kick. A befitting tribute," a Ghana sports outlet tweeted.

"Kuduz scored the Same goal Atsu scored as his last ever goal. And then he celebrated him. God bless you kuduz. RIP Atsu," one Twitter user added.

"There are no words to describe our sadness," Atsu's soccer club tweeted in the wake of the devastating news.

The latest

The earthquakes that shook the region so violently have left entire towns and cities in certain parts of Turkey nothing more than smoldering bricks and rubble, with scenes that look post-apocalyptic.

Untold numbers of Turkish residents have been uprooted and now depend on government and charity assistance to get by, including massive tent cities being erected to help treat the wounded and take care of refugees.

That part of the world will need all the prayers it can get for the foreseeable future.

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