Hogan Gidley: Pelosi’s SOTU antics mimic her behavior ‘behind closed doors’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) apparently wasn’t acting when she defiantly ripped Donald Trump’s State of the Union address before an audience of millions.

“That’s how she is behind closed doors,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told the Fox News Rundown podcast.

Gidley: Pelosi’s behavior nothing new

President Trump’s relationship with Pelosi has steadily declined since the two went to war over Trump’s border wall through a government shutdown that outlasted any in American history and set the tone for 2019. Both parties have blamed the other for the collapse in civility, but Pelosi’s State of the Union stunt proves that the Trump team has been telling the truth about Pelosi’s temper, Gidley said.

“When Nancy Pelosi comes over here and we try to brief her on border numbers, she says they’re not true, gets up and leaves and walks right to a camera and says, ‘The president was wrong and he’s a bad person,'” Gidley said.

He went on: “Then she comes in, hears [of] troop movements in Syria. [She gets] An update on all of the information we’re giving her as relates to the military. She gets up after two minutes, walks right to the cameras. ‘I just can’t work with the president. He’s just…he’s mean. And…he’s childish.’ And all these types of things.”

Pelosi stormed out of a doomed meeting with Trump on the Syria crisis in October after Trump called her a “third-rate politician,” while Pelosi accused Trump of working with Vladimir Putin. A summit on the most bipartisan topic of all, infrastructure, met a similar fate in May 2019.  The October meeting was the last time the two had spoken prior to Trump’s State of the Union speech.

“And we come out and say, ‘Hey, that’s not true. Nancy Pelosi was actually the one who was petulant and petty,'” Gidley added. “And now we saw with the tearing up of the speech, the premeditated tearing up of the speech, we’ve been telling the truth this whole time. That’s how she is behind closed doors.”

Impeachment sequel?

The feud between the speaker and the president has become an ongoing drama in the news, a saga that seemed to reach its climax last week with Trump’s victory over his impeachment. When it was all said and done, Trump was calling Pelosi a “horrible person” in a free-wheeling speech at the White House, and Pelosi was defending her decision to tear up Trump’s “manifesto of mistruths” at the end of his State of the Union address.

To many Republicans, Pelosi’s stunt vindicated something often said by Trump and his allies: blinded by a hatred of Trump that is greater than their love of country, Democrats have put policy and the common welfare on the back burner.

Democrats arguably suffered their worst week since Trump took office, and with a triumphant State of the Union address, his acquittal on impeachment charges and a caucus failure in Iowa that hobbled their hopes of winning the presidency in November, Gidley said that Democrats may try to impeach Trump again.

“I mean, they’re still talking about bringing more articles and having more investigations,” Gidley said. “I mean, they can’t get out of their own way.”

Nancy moving on

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has said that House Democrats may still subpoena John Bolton, whose testimony they sought in the final stretch of the impeachment trial. However, Pelosi is reportedly eager to move on from impeachment and get back to kitchen-sink issues, Politico reported.

As Democrats struggle to find a candidate capable of taking on Trump, the speaker has been urging her caucus members to pivot from Ukraine to messaging on the economy. It’s what she probably would have preferred all along, given that Pelosi avoided impeaching Trump for the longest time — until she didn’t, with predictable consequences.

Trump’s approval ratings are now going up after his long-expected acquittal, the Democratic party is in shambles, and the country has never been more divided in living memory. Nice work, Nancy.

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