Former speaker Gingrich calls Pelosi ‘most dangerous speaker’ in history

With President Joe Biden in the White House and Democrats now controlling the Senate, many conservatives fear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will use her position to push a radical left-wing agenda.

During a weekend television appearance on Fox News, someone who once held the House gavel said he believes those fears are justified. 

Newt Gingrich, who served as House Speaker from 1995 to 1999, told conservative commentator Mark Levin that Pelosi is “the most dangerous speaker of the House we’ve had probably in American history,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Willing to break the rules”

The former Republican speaker said that Pelosi “doesn’t mind abusing power. She doesn’t mind running over people … she’s so willing to break the rules and to, frankly, just say things that are totally untrue.”

As evidence for this claim, Gingrich pointed to Pelosi’s hometown, a place where left-wing politicians have held unfettered authority for decades.

“She lives in an enclave that is guarded in San Francisco,” the former Georgia congressman pointed out, complaining that Pelosi “is surrounded by left-wing looney tunes” who don’t care about enforcing basic standards of public hygiene.

“There’s a map you can go to on the internet that shows you where feces were that day,” he said. “They don’t distinguish dog and human, but they’ll show you the feces count that day around San Francisco.”

“Think this craziness makes sense”

Gingrich said that Vice President Kamala Harris is cut from the same cloth as Pelosi, as they are both insulated from the consequences of their left-wing policies.

“They come from the center of left-wing nuttiness, and all of their friends at the local country club, or all their friends when they go to a cocktail party, think this craziness makes sense,” he continued.

Levin agreed with his guest’s assessment, and argued that the problem is exacerbated by complacent figures in media who would rather serve as sycophants than hold Democrats accountable.

“Well, what you have right now with the press corps are left-wing lapdogs,” the long-time GOP figure complained. “And their job is to go over and lick the hand of the left-wingers and then try to bite the Republicans.”

“So, that’s their duty,” Gingrich continued. “I mean, they’re just behaving like they’ve been trained to behave.”

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17 Responses

    1. Piglosi will be arrested for treason, tried by a military tribunal and more than likely executed for her high treason. Piglosi is guilty of sedition because she requested the think it was Joint Chief of Staff -high ranking military to do a military coup against Trump.

    2. Truer words were never spoken……..The evil “doers” of the United States………..

      We the “RETIREES” would love to sucker punch a bunch of those evil & corrupt DEMS/RINOS………especially Pislosi………

  1. I didn’t need Newt to tell me about Pelosi. I’ve seen her ilk scattered across the pages of history. The elites of the world who believe because they hold some high office it gives them the right to do damn all else what they want to the rest of us with impunity. To quote Dr. Thomas Sowell “they believe they have been born booted and spurred for the purpose of riding mankind”

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  3. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Shiff & Nadler are guilty of sedition and should all be impeached! They are all Communists!

    1. I wish for a change that someone would finally do something about the people you mentioned. What is wrong that no one will stop these psychos. It turns my stomach that these people are liars and want to destroy us! Pelosi should be put in psycho ward. She’s too old, 80, she belongs in a nursing home. Not in our government.

      1. This may come as a ‘shock’, Evelyn, but there are ’80 year old’ people and–even ‘older than that’ who do ‘not’ belong in a ‘nursing home’!! They are ‘healthy’, sharp of mind and–in many cases, decent people. I hold myself as an example. I agree, most are not up to the rigors of holding government office and, when it comes to that point, should have the grace and decency to retire. We can condemn Nancy based on her dishonesty, disloyalty and vindictive agendas–without bringing her age into it. My grandmother was still running a farm at age 98. In the day when she had a ‘coal-burning’ stove and washed her clothes by hand, drying them on a clothes line. It was she who taught me that ‘age’ shouldn’t be a criteria to measure the ‘worth’ of a person by. It’s what and ‘who’ they used to years to become. Nancy does not seem to have used them to become a ‘worthy’, respectable person. Her loss.

    2. Good luck with that! You are talking about Democrats and they can do as they please with no accountability. They are above the laws the rest of us have to follow. They are a disgrace to out country.

  4. Sooo–what’s the ‘big revelation’ here??? Nancy is hardly ‘subtle’ about her agendas. All one has to do is look at the living conditions of her constituents and see what she thinks about ‘common people’. Her lies, her ‘bullying’ behavior, event to the extent of trying to ‘order’ a member of the military to do her bidding! She continually ‘over-steps’ her bounds and, just as ‘continually’–gets away with it!!! What’s new?

  5. As I watched this woman over the years and the things she has done, I have come to one concusion; she is a real witch, bona fide through and through. IF you saw her in 2019 when the first impeachment was planned, she formulated and layed to the public, her two articles of impeachment with joy in her eyes and heart. This was on October 31, 2019. What else but a Witch would do this on the most Hallowed day of evil in the World. Someone else said she was on a vengeful spree to get Trump out of office even before he started his presidency. She did this right in front of the American people in plain sight. If she did all these traitorous things right in front of all America, then this Treason should be punished. Execution was suggested, but I do not think this should be anything like being shot, or hung. What should be done is the typical tying her to a post surrounded by volital gasoline, and burned in front of everyone. Yes, I do think she is a real witch , the wicked witch of the West (San Franscisco), When that happens, perhaps someone who likes her throws some water on the fire to put it out, and what happened to the orignal Wicked witch on the wizard of OZ, she meltaed from the water thrown on her and her beautiful evil was gone after being liquidated. Such as all traitors in the Party that joined her, each should have their individual way to be punished for the treason they enacted.

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