Gingrich thinks Pelosi is pushing impeachment out of fear Trump will run again

Democratic Party leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have been pushing hard for a second impeachment effort against President Donald Trump.

According to former Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA), who also held the speakership, however, Pelosi’s latest move is driven by fear that Trump’s political career is not yet over.

“To subordinate the will of Pelosi”

As Breitbart reported, Gingrich recently revealed his belief that the current speaker is concerned that voters will re-elect Trump in 2024 if her party does not effectively relegate him to the status of a partisan pariah now.

His statement came one day before 10 House Republicans joined Democrats on Wednesday in voting to impeach the president for a second time.

With just days left in his term, Trump earned the inauspicious reputation of becoming the only president in U.S. history to have been impeached twice.

Nevertheless, Gingrich contended that Pelosi’s efforts show “contempt” for the American people as well as legitimate fear that Trump might run for a nonconsecutive second term after losing November’s re-election bid.

“The will of the American people has to subordinate to the will of Pelosi,” he said. “Trump has to be impeached to stop him from running again. Pelosi fears the American people might pick him if they were allowed to.”

“Tear down the things that we hold so dear”

Although any prospective Senate trial is unlikely to conclude until well after Trump leaves the White House next week, he could still potentially be convicted and thus be barred from seeking future elected office.

For her part, Pelosi had framed the discussion in apocalyptic terms, asserting that allowing Trump to remain in office would constitute a “clear and present danger” to the United States.

“The president much be impeached and, I believe, the president must be convicted by the Senate, a constitutional remedy that will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold so dear,” she said.

Of course, it is not just Democratic leaders who are reportedly supportive of the push for impeachment.

According to sources said to be familiar with the situation, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) privately expressed anger toward Trump and hopes to see him purged from the party. Still, he said on Wednesday that there is “simply no chance that a fair or serious trial could conclude before President-elect Biden is sworn in next week.”

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39 Responses

    1. They should impeach her. They should arrest her for contacting the joint chiefs of staff when she attempted to have the nuclear codes denied to President Trump. That could be interpreted as a military coup attempt. Where is the outrage!

      1. Indeed, where is the outrage? Then, too, there are ten RINOS consenting to the Impeachment, showing disunity within the Republican party; if there is one outstanding characteristic of the Democrats it is their loyalty regardless of some pretty atrocious items in their ideology — including some of its members.

    2. They should impeach Pelosi, Harris, Biden, Schumer, And Maxine Waters because they all incited violence. Let’s be fair. If you are going to impeach the President over the riots of the capitol then they need to be impeached for allowing the rioting, burning, murdering, destroying property, and looting all summer long as well as Harris raising money to get Antifa and BLM out on bail.

    3. Absolutely! And I wish someone would. She wasted a lot of time on so-called illegitimate impeachment’s! Time and money that is. She has also forgotten what her role as House Speaker is! They need to vote her out and put Kevin McCarthy in! This is her 4th term and now the cow needs to move on to another pasture! Right????

    4. My sentiments exactly…what is it with these people? She has more money than she’ll ever need yet she will not retire at 80….I’m 66 and having trouble finding a new job. She’s making our country’s laws and is 14 yrs older than me. It’s disgusting. She and Biden are BOTH pre-dementia….Trump is sharp as a tack.

  1. If there is anyone that needs to be recalled from office it is Nancy Pelosi and right behind her Chuckie Schumer.

  2. Why can we not impeach Nancy Pelosi and Schumer they are the true cancer in this country. COMON Lawmakers get you head out of you butts and impeach Pelosi and Schumer HIGH CRIMES AND TREASON

  3. Piglosi definitely should be in Prison for HIGH CRIMES AND TREASON.

    Why does she get away will all this illegal stuff she comes up with?????

  4. Pelosi has threatened the ones who voted for Trump,not all supporters are like the ones who they claim are thugs.Stopping us from saying anything about Trump or the election.They’re so scared they impeached and took everything from a man who has took crap from them for 4 years.All we here is whiteness or white supremacy why is she allowed to say that to the people.These Democrats sit by all summer while these Democratic cities were destroyed,Federal buildings,police departments,businesses,looting,burning cars ,killings more than what happened at the Capital.Then they never charged these thugs,violence ie violence no matter who does it.People are still suffering from summer riots who they call peaceful.She should be held accountable as well as those Democratic leaders in those cities.Crime is crime either way you look at it.They started these protests and allowed it to go on till they are threatened the hell with these people that lost everything.🤬

  5. America MUST stand up against these DemonRATS, Poslousy and Schmucker.
    They both believe that they are larger than GOD.

    Both are Traitors to the American People, and as such should both be immediately removed from Office once and for all. Even the many other Democrats are scared as Crap of these two Traitors. If these Political people we have in our Government won’t take actions to remove these traitors, then We The People MUST take actions to remove them both.

  6. Just WHO is trying to tear down the things we Americans hold dear? WHO is trying to make it illegal to use terms like mother, father, son, daughter, etal? SHE used these very terms in describing herself the other day when she was trying to instigate Trump’s impeachment!
    Does she think we Americans do not hold those terms more dear than anything else in our lives??? May I tell you, Nancy, that a whole lot of Americans hold NOTHING dear about you because there IS nothing dear about you. YOU are the biggest cancer this country is dealing with!!!

    1. I agree with you about Pelosi’s divisiveness. However, it was all started with Obama. That was his orders from Soros to divide the blacks and whites. And it all starts from there.

  7. If anyone needs to be removed from office it is PELOSI! And there are a few others that need to go as well !

  8. I believe that Nancy Pelosi has a problem with the early stages of liquor caused dementia. She does seem to be aware that no one believes she is sane.
    She is on the verge of a very serious breakdown and this if not stoped will be a disaster for the country.


  10. Why are they so afraid of President Trump? He is not a politician, is that what scares them , but a very smart business man, that loves his country and has not taken a salary during his term. Maybe that is what our country needs.

    1. Pelosi should be tried in federal court for military coup attempt to render President Trump powerless to protect american citizens and over throw the president of the United States of America.

  11. I TOTALLY AGREE with everything I have read about the replies. The speaker needs to be impeached along with SCHUMER, Nader, Shift, And Maxine Waters. They are all evil and dangerous.

    1. The other ones who also need to be charged with cheating, lying & corrupt & removed ASAP are Joe, Hunter & James Biden, Harris, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack & Michelle Obama & other DemoRATS, who are & have been involved in the same!

  12. All posts are right on target! Piglosi needs to be tried for subversive acts against our president and our country! She is a clear and present danger to our country! Treasonous, subversive, crazy as a loon, she MUST be removed from congress and barred from holding ANY government office ever again! She is destroying our country!

  13. I was told that Congress got a $5000.00 raise in the last stimulus bill. If that is true, why is it not reported to American taxpayers. If true, we got $600.00 and Congress got $5000.00. I just do not understand.
    My wife and I are too old to continue watching the daily circus going on in our Nation’s capital. I watched television today for about 30 minutes. President Trump did not accept a salary and I wonder how many House and Senate members joined him.
    The answer is simply a Salary of $5000.00 a year for members of Congress.

  14. Why does the Congress have the RIGHT to approve their own salary and raises? (Because they know if we the people voted on it, they would be getting pay CUTS, like the rest of us!! ) SO SO unfair!!!

  15. Piglosi is effectively destroying our government! By trying to prevent President Trump running again shows just how afraid of him she is! SHE is the one who must be removed from congress and bared from running for any government office! She is fomenting anger and hate against anything Republican and President Trump! The demonrats are tearing down their own house, blaming Trump! People, remember all those who side with her on this new impeachment farce, any who vote for it, then start demanding resignations! If they don’t resign, let them know their tenure as congressmen and senators will end in 2022, when they are primaries and voted out!

  16. Do you think maybe she’s pushing this before she’s arrested for Treason on the 20th? Or, in fear of what 75m will do, Heaven forbid?

  17. My grandmother(born in 1893) lived to 92, told me she would never vote for a Democrat and now I see why, we have to pray for America and overcome evil

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