Giuliani: Kamala Harris is a ‘horrible prosecutor’ and ‘bully’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani just exposed the truth about vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris during an event at President Trump’s club in Bedminster, New Jersey on Saturday.

Giuliani went off on Harris, saying “I feel sorry for the country that he [Biden] picked that horrible prosecutor.”

Kamala exposed

Guiliani pulled no punches at the event, where Donald Trump accepted a historic endorsement from the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York.

“That woman is a bully,” Guiliani continued, referring to Harris. “She prosecuted little people and she wouldn’t prosecute big people.”

Guiliani highlighted Harris’ record of strictly enforcing marijuana sentencing guidelines during her tenure as District Attorney in San Francisco while sparing her rich and powerful friends.

“All the politicians in San Francisco, all of Willie Brown’s friends, they went free, but she went after marijuana smokers,” Giuliani continued.

“She went after 1,500 marijuana smokers! Marijuana smokers, not people selling it,” the former New York City mayor explained.”Then when she was asked if she smoked it, she said ‘yeah!’ Tell me this isn’t a horrible person.”

Media runs cover

The mainstream media is working overtime to run cover for Harris’ as her record as a strict prosecutor comes under fire. Many top GOP pundits have pointed out that Democrats support “defunding” the police — or at least restructuring the way law enforcement is done — and then turn around and praise Biden’s choice of “top cop” Harris.

Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News, Joel Pollak, wrote a lengthy exposé of Harris’s hypocrisy this week, explaining:

In introducing Harris on Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden said that she was a fighter for the “little guy.” But he gave no examples — because there are none.

There are plenty of examples of Harris fighting against the “little guy.”

Pollak accused Harris of “abusing her power” at every level of government she’s participated in. For example, one incident that Democrats and the mainstream media do not want anyone to hear about is Harris’ refusal to prosecute San Francisco priests for sexually abusing minors.

“Far from fighting for the vulnerable, Harris has been accused of protecting abusers — most notably, declining to prosecute priests for sexual abuse when she was San Francisco’s district attorney,” Pollak said. “She was the only DA from a major city to refrain.”

Democrats, with the help of the mainstream media, are attempting to characterize Harris as a moderate Democrat, but anyone that takes a look at her record can see that Harris is anything but moderate.

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