‘Gone with the Wind’ child actor Mickey Kuhn dead at 90

Mickey Kuhn, a childhood actor who starred in “Gone with the Wind,” has died at the age of 90.

Kuhn died Sunday in a hospice facility in Naples, Florida, according to his wife Barbara.

His career

“Kuhn also portrayed the ward of a famous movie cop in Dick Tracy (1945) and younger versions of Kirk Douglas and Montgomery Clift in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) and John Wayne’s Red River (1948), respectively,” the Hollywood reported stated.

“And in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), Kuhn reunited with GWTW actress Vivien Leigh to appear as a sailor who gives Blanche DuBois directions,” it added.

His later years

“He returned to acting with 1955’s The Last Frontier, 1956’s Away All Boats and 1957 episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents before ending his acting career,” the Daily Mail reported.

“He would go on to work in airport management for American Airlines and he held administrative positions a Boston airport before he retired in 1995,” it added.

Kuhn is survived by his wife Barbara and their two children. Known as the last living actor from “Gone with the Wind,” his impact extended for decades.

In addition to his childhood films, Kuhn appeared in movies with many of the top Hollywood influencers of all time, including John Wayne and Kirk Douglas.

His life certainly had much notoriety from a young age and has impacted moviegoers longer than nearly any other child actor to serve in Hollywood.