GOP congressman attempts to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan

 March 24, 2023

The Daily Caller reported this week that Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good is taking aim at President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness scheme.

The website noted how under the executive order Biden put forward this past August, the Department of Education would be instructed to forgive as much as $10,000 worth of student loan debt for those making less than $125,000 annually.

Good introduces Congressional Review Act resolution

What's more, borrowers who attended college with assistance from Pell grants would be eligible for $20,000 worth of debt forgiveness.

As justification for the move, Biden pointed to the 2003 HEROES Act, a piece of legislation which permits the secretary of education to "waive or modify" student financial assistance programs during a national emergency.

According to the Daily Caller, Good has introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution which seeks to roll the plan back.

The Congressional Review Act permits Congress to block executive orders by passing a resolution. However, the Daily Caller noted that such resolutions are subject to presidential veto.

Plan called "massively expensive, unlawful, and unfair."

"The Biden Administration’s student loan transfer scheme would egregiously redistribute the cost of this debt from the borrower onto the back of every American taxpayer," Good was quoted as saying in a statement provided to the Daily Caller.

"This illegal, unconstitutional, and unauthorized, executive action puts us further in debt as a nation and will drive already-expensive college costs even higher. My Congressional Review Act resolution seeks to undo this disastrous plan," Good added.

The congressman echoed that message in a tweet on Thursday, denouncing the president's debt forgiveness plan as being "massively expensive, unlawful, and unfair."

An accompanying video showed Good saying, "Yeah, I call it the student loan transfer scheme," adding, "It's transferring the debt from the borrower to those who did not borrow it."

Chief Justice John Roberts sounds a skeptical note

The Daily Caller reported last month that the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether Missouri and Missouri and a coalition of five other Republican-led states have standing to challenge the student loan plan.

Some justices also expressed skepticism over whether or not the HEROES Act gave Biden the authority for an undertaking of such size.

Chief Justice John Roberts asked, "How is this a normal understanding of modify?" given that the executive order covers "half a trillion" taxpayer dollars.

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