GOP congressman calls Hunter Biden “an operative for foreign influence”

Hunter Biden has long been a source of controversy for his father’s administration. This week, one Republican congressman said Americans need to know why he isn’t in jail. 

The issue was raised by Rep. Darrell Issa during a Monday appearance on “Just the News, Not Noise,” with Issa pointing to the contents of a laptop which Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer store.

Biden accused of illegal lobbying

Issa noted how the device revealed that Biden “was a man making millions but always in financial trouble … [with] ex-wife payments, child support payments and, quite frankly, his drug addiction.”

The New York Post noted in July that emails and a personal calendar recovered from the laptop show Biden regularly conferred with his then vice president father between 2008 and 2016 immediately after meeting with foreign leaders and Russian oligarchs.

The Post also reported that although Hunter Biden was at one point registered as a domestic lobbyist, he never registered under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

“Hunter Biden was an operative for foreign influence, and did use or at least appears to have used his father and others for that game,” Issa said.

“Meaning he lobbied, and when you lobby and you don’t disclose that, you’ve committed a crime,” the lawmaker explained.

“So one of the things we’re going to look at is this selective prosecution and whether this law needs to either be scrapped or real teeth to be put into it so that it’s consistent in prosecution. Which unless they prosecute Hunter Biden, certainly it wasn’t,” he continued.

President’s son appears to be “getting a free pass” when it comes to tax evasion

Issa also pointed to the investigation into Biden’s alleged long-standing failure to pay income tax, remarking, “It’s surprising that he didn’t go to jail.”

“[W]hen you deliberately don’t disclose income — even in the thousands of dollars, much less the millions of dollars — that’s a crime,” Issa continued.

“It’s a felony,” he pointed out. “And usually, at best, you get to pay compensation and plead to a crime in lieu of maybe going to jail.”

“That’s not the case [with Hunter Biden]. He appears as though he’s getting a free pass, and just paying now what he should have paid years ago.”