GOP lawmaker tees up court battle against Nancy Pelosi over new metal detector rules

A Republican congressman from Georgia is facing $15,000 in fines after he twice avoided metal detectors that had been set up at the U.S. Capitol in the wake of a deadly riot there on Jan. 6. But rather than pay up, the lawmaker is planning to dispute the fees — and he’s ready for a fight.

According to NewsweekRep. Andrew Clyde, a Georgia Republican, admitted over the weekend that being hit with thousands of dollars in fines is exactly what he wanted — because now, he has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) cornered.

“I did that so we would have legal standing to take the case to federal court, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” Clyde said in an interview with Fox News, according to Newsweek.

Taking one for the team

The new rules passed by Pelosi-led Democrats in February impose a $5,000 fine on members of the lower chamber who bypass metal detectors on their way to the House floor. The fine doubles for a second offense.

Many in the GOP have cried foul over the new rules, however, saying it hampers their Second Amendment right to self defense.

Speaking with Fox News on Saturday, Clyde said he aims to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court, where he hopes the U.S. Constitution will be upheld.

“I’m all teed up to do that,” Clyde said, according to Newsweek. “People have to stand for the Constitution. And if I have to get fined in order to give me a legal standing to do that then I’ll be fined.”

The congressman also said he has no qualms about “taking a hit for the team,” asserting: “We’re going to win on this and we’re going to have House Resolution 73 declared unconstitutional because it is unconstitutional.”

“Make no mistake”

Clyde’s comments echo sentiments that he expressed in a February statement, wherein he accused Pelosi and members of her caucus of attempting to demonize their opponents in the House.

“As I have said before, the installation of the magnetometers is part of the Democratic Party’s ongoing attempt to treat Republicans as a threat when no such threat exists,” the Georgia congressman complained. “The ongoing militarization of Capitol Hill, including the placement of metal fencing, razor wire, and the deployment of National Guard troops, are also part of this perverse strategy.”

Clyde went on: “Make no mistake, Democratic Party leaders would rid anyone who does not agree with their fringe ideology from public service and the political sphere if given the opportunity.”

Notably, Fox News reported in February that Speaker Pelosi herself was seen bypassing a set of metal detectors while entering the House chamber. Now, it looks like it’s finally coming time for her to pay up.

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32 Responses

  1. Pelosi really needs to be kicked completely out of our government. Pelosi is a lying democrat and she is not the one to stay in congress as the speaker.

    1. Amen to that. She’s horrible and has been there way too long. Her elevator doesn’t go all the way up.

      1. She apparently has no say at home, but in government she rules, if you don’t vote as she says, then you are ……………….. She keeps that one congressman who slept with the Chinese spy in the position of having access to all our secrets. Apparently she wants China to have them and Ling Ling or whatever her name is screwed around and probably got him to share more secrets.

    2. those who are following Pelosi lead will only lose when it’s time to vote in the office again the people are fed up with this one way street the Democrat’s have done nothing good for this country and if they soon aren’t stop we aren’t going to have a country any longer soto all you Democrat’s out there use your head next time and stop falling for those lies they are putting out they are dragging you down as well how much do ypu Democrat’s paying for gas now ? think about it

  2. As they say no one is above the law the american people should demand that is true for all americans including crooked reps

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    1. A long time ago. She is one horrible hateful person. I would have kicked her out when she showed our president the disrespect of tearing up his speech on National Television.

      1. Amen!!!!! She should have been booted when she refused to introduce President Trump the correct way. She’s a disrespectful bitc%&

  4. Pelosi is absolute bat raving nuts…she need to be replaced with someone with a level brain and not a hater of all America…n she need to step up and take blame for Jan 6…she knew it 2 days before and was told to beef up police but refused…to me she wanted this to get out of hand so she could blame Trump for one more thing….she is like a leech…time for her to go home to California where there are similar people who have a thought process like hers…HATEFUL and UGLY personality…who will she blame for all her stupid decisions now that Trump is not in office….your right she is to blame for 95 % of all this evilness

    1. Amen to all you said! Unfortunately conservatives play by the rules and don’t have enough power right now! 2022 can’t come soon enough!

  5. The Senate and Congress to go bye-bye!! These people do not work for the people. The Federal government curtailed. All power brought back Stateside.

  6. Folks, this Congressman intends to take this to the SCOTUS!!! Those idiot cowards ( not Alito or Thomas) will side with Peglosi.

  7. Piglosi made that rule, she is obliged to abide by it as well. Her notion of “ rules for thee but not for me” doesn’t wash! Hope congressman Clyde sues her butt off! Then have her impeached !

  8. Pelosi and her pack of idiots need to be removed. Between them and the “Cancel Culture”, we true Americans are fed up with their bullsh__.

  9. Still asking if Pelosi paid a $5,000.00 fine when she violated her own rules? It seems she thinks her rules are for everyone else ut not for her. She needs her comeuppance on this issue!

  10. People who are troubled mind body has no place in goverment. This women has a big big problem and it shown almost every day.She is smart but cruel when it comes to power and money,these kind never gets enough and in the end disaster.

  11. Did she pay the $5,000 fine or being a democrat she is exempt from it? I am sure I and all you know the answer.

  12. Piglosi has a LOT to answer for! Everything she does is against the people, the constitution and America! She must be removed from the speakership, kicked out of congress and charged with sedition, treason, dereliction of duty! She is unfit to be speaker of the house! She does NOT speak for the people, only for the communist minions she is a part of. Get her out!!!!!


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