GOP senators expose ‘inhumane’ conditions of overcrowded detention facilities after trip to the border

On Friday, several Republican senators released photographs on social media demonstrating just how bad the southern border crisis has become under the Biden administration, Fox News reported.

The photographs were taken during a trip led by Texas Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to the southern border with several of their GOP colleagues.

The photos

The group of 19 lawmakers toured the holding facility in Donna, Texas, on Friday and witnessed the conditions of migrants being held there.

One particularly striking photo shows infants and young children lying with blankets on mats enclosed by a large circular baby gate. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) said the babies were “handed over by smugglers.”

In another picture, migrants can be seen packed into a room, lying shoulder to shoulder on the ground with space blankets on.

Cruz said the Donna facility currently is holding around 4,000 migrants, even though it is only designed for 250.

In other photographs, it shows how the facility has been quarantining COVID-19 positive migrants. Cruz called the Donna facility “a tragic superspreader event caused by the Biden administration,” and said the facility has a “10% positivity rate.”

Biden’s to blame

Sens. Cruz, Tillis, and others said that officials they spoke to at the Donna facility said that “their job got a lot harder on January 20th when Joe Biden became President of the United States.”

The officials said they have been “overwhelmed” by the sheer number of migrants who have come in since Biden became president.

The GOP senators pointed to the Biden administration’s disastrous policies as the direct cause of the problem.

“This is inhumane, it is wrong and it is the direct consequence of policy decisions by the Biden administration to stop building the wall, to return to catch-and-release, and to end the stay-in-Mexico policy,” Cruz said.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to downplay the seriousness of the southern border crisis. During his first solo press conference as president on Thursday, Biden claimed that what’s happening at the southern border “happens every single solitary year,” and he said he will not apologize for reversing former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

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35 Responses

  1. biden and all democratic congress must be held accountable for creating this humanitarian crisis

    1. Absolutely they created this crisis because they didn’t want to give any credit to President Trump and his Administration how terrible is that it is criminal and they need to be punished ASAP

    2. Biden needs impeached for opening borders to diseased illegals that are infecting US Citizens and with drugs and smuggling them in for millions at taxpayers expense and Biden must be stopped.

      1. Yes, they let all of these illegals in without even checking them, and yet at the same time they’re still not letting school start and businesses run as usual, and we’re still having to wear masks, which I am reading more and more about masks being bad for us. It doesn’t make sense at all. Wake up, people!

  2. I’m sorry that they aren’t HIS CHILDREN AND HIS Family. He would not treat them like this. They are HUMAN BEINGS NOT SOME KIND OF ROBOT. BUT HIS TURN WILL COME!!

    1. Get rid of the Biden, Harris and Pelosi because they have so much hate in their heart for Trump that they are willing to sacrifice our country to make themselves look good. The office of the United States Government is not for the people running it but for the people that pay their salaries “We The People”. May God show mercy on our country.

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  4. I’m sorry that they aren’t HIS CHILDREN AND HIS Family. He would not treat them like this. They are HUMAN BEINGS NOT SOME KIND OF ROBOT. BUT HIS TURN WILL COME!!

  5. Biden Administration is horrible! They need to be held accountable for their cruel actions! The media needs to stop hiding the truth about the radical left. Disgraceful!!!
    Once again America last! We need President Trump bc he believes in America FIRST!!

  6. If for nothing else…. he should be impeached or booted out of office for thus disaster on the boarder.

  7. OUR so-CALLED supreme COURT should step in and stop this. ROBERTS IS

  8. Biden is such a joke. Open our country up to call kinds of diseases and covid is just the beginning. There was not a problem until he destroyed everything the prior admin achieved just because he didn’t like them. Americans will die because of such stupidity.

  9. I get the eerie feeling that this Administration is Illegal. Under no circumstances should Obama be using his head for a demented person. Then run a country this way. Obama had his two terms, and with greed and evil, he is still imposing his ideas. The idea to import people to use them for votes. These babies will never know “freedom of choice” to vote how they really want to vote. More like they will be brainwashed, and made to feel implored to vote Democratic, whether or not this be their choice. This is the crime.

  10. You know what Xiden/HO’s administration’s answer to over crowding and rampet Covid virus outbreak is, don’t you? Just release them. Empty the confines of human degredation at the border and let them spread over the country like the desease, crime and poverty they bring. Legal Americans and immigrants have no standing. But it’s OK to take their tax money and pay more than $89 million dollars to house them across the country and turn their backs on lawful Americans.

  11. The border crisis is all Biden’s fault. He really is braking the laws of this country. Biden should be impeached for his actions at the border. He is hurting this country and the people of this country in many ,many ways. Biden should have never been the president of this country. Biden really don’t know what to do. Biden has really lost his mind and his mental health is mostly gone.

    1. Yes, but Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s the people controlling him that are telling him what to do.

  12. just wait for judgement day when Buffoon Biden is stands at the pearly gates and he is directed down.

  13. I am sure that opening the borders was done to add a new wave of Democratic voters dependent on the government for their lives. This has backfired on the Democrats. The Biden administration had only two goals, Keep Democrats in office and stuff their pockets as fast as they can.

  14. What I really want is to get rid of the communist in the White House ( our House ) the American citizens’ house and put the rightful President in our house , who is of course, President Donald J. Trump/

  15. Joe Biden and his swamp are laughing at the American people and I hope it blows up right in their face before they do any more damage to our country.

  16. This fool has to be taken out of office. He is destroying our country. Thanks Georgia for sterling the election. Glad to see you are trying to fix your mess .


  18. This border is criminal….Biden needs to be held accountable for not allowing any help for this….and his VP….and theses people wanted to impeach Trump you people look at the crisis he has caused and is still causing….he is no friend to the US…he needs help n so does the Border …..Hunter must be proud of Daddy

  19. Biden dosen’t know of he has socks on his feet! He’s a senile, liar who isn’t aware of what he is doing! He just reads’ “Badly” everything they give him! He is such a, “Megalomaniac” he believes he is actually as wonderful as they tell him he is! The American people have been fooled into thinking he is really the President of the USA! He is a, “Fake” President and many Americans know it! He and the, Demo/Commies will destroy America if they are not exposed and stopped! It’s hard to say what the outcome will be if they succeed! I am hoping they don’t succeed!

  20. Blaming Pres. Trump for all the problems the hate America First Democrats have created is not working anymore. They will need to come up with some others lies to tell. Biden says he is a Cristian (Catholic) The Democrats use this only when they think it will help them in some way. Pelosi does it to. There behavior says otherwise.

  21. Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
    US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate

  22. Trump would be in the middle of another impeachment trial for this. Biden? He will receive praise and awards for the same actions Trump caught flack over….by the so called MSM otherwise known as the advertising division of the Democrat’s. Contact Biden and tell him what you think of his administration here:

  23. This whole fiasco has to stop! The smugglers and cartels are paying the parents to give up their kids so they can come into our country, in hopes the parents can come as well. Then, they charge the parents thousands of dollars to be smuggled in, most will NEVER see their child again! This is atrocious, blatant child abuse and crimes against humanity! Biden needs to face a firing squad! Piglosi and Harris as well, toss in Obama, the architect of this mess!

  24. What else is new? Biden has lied all his life, and to think that Gen. Flynn was run threw hell for a crime he didn’t comment lieing to congress, hell they lie all the time and there is seemly no recourse,now where is justice?

  25. I want all Biden voters to have their paychecks or welfare checks deducted every month for the rest for their lives to help resettle illegal immigrants since they said they love them soooo… much. Pay them!

  26. And Biden said “most of them have been returned”! What a lie! Yes, I’d love to see him impeached, but then we should impeach Kamala too, and that mean Nancy Polosi would become pres. Oh, Lord, come quickly!

    The Covid vaccine too, is a terrible thing, and if they start requiring it, it’s going to be very bad. Our country is in a bad, bad situation.

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