‘Come and take it’: GOP lawmaker issues fiery statement opposing Democratic gun control push

Among the many items on President Joe Biden’s lengthy legislative agenda is a desire to work toward implementing new gun control measures.

In response to the Democratic Party’s pursuit of such proposals, however, U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) made a clear statement of opposition this week.

“Swept under the rug by the left”

According to Breitbart, the freshman lawmaker said that if Democrats on Capitol Hill want to take his gun, they will have to “come and take it.”

His fiery remarks came on Wednesday during a debate on gun control legislation that took place on the House floor.

“I want to remind my colleagues of a simple fact that is far too often swept under the rug by the left: Americans have a right to obtain firearms for lawful purposes,” Cawthorn declared.

Democrats were successful in passing two measures, largely along partisan lines, this week. The first seeks to expand a requirement for background checks to almost all firearm transactions and received support from just eight GOP lawmakers.

Even fewer House Republicans supported the second bill, which aims to extend to 10 days the amount of time the government has to complete background checks prior to the issuance of a gun license.

“The government is never going to know”

Though Republican opponents came up short in the vote, Cawthorn made sure to include his objections in the record.

“Let me be clear to everyone in this chamber,” he said. “You will not take this right away from us. I know it’s easy to be sucked into the D.C. bubble, but outside of here, in real America, when we say ‘come and take it,’ we damn well mean it.”

Of course, he was not alone in voicing his displeasure over the latest round of gun control legislation being pushed by Democratic lawmakers. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) recently insisted that “the government is never going to know” how many or what types of weapons he owns.

“Let me be clear about that,” he added. “It’s not going to happen.”

The House-passed measures must now face a vote in the U.S. Senate, which could spell their doom. With the balance of power evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, it seems unlikely that the bills will achieve the majority vote necessary for them to advance to the president’s desk.

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33 Responses

  1. When guns are outlawed, the outlaws will have guns. Sounds like hitler is at large in dc. Operating from the left.

    1. You are exactly right. Those who want guns for the wrong reason will still get them and those of us who want them for our own protection will be left with no protection.

    2. Yes, exactly what Hitler did to begin his reign of terror!! American will not be fooled as the German citizens were!!!!

    1. love your comment—and it will be the way most people will react–totally agree– but it should have been TRY to TAKE THEM

    2. George, say your prayers daily. I pray daily that God term-limits Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and a few more in Congress soon, since voters in their districts are too stupid to do so. I pray daily that the heathen anti-Constitution types in Congress, their heathen corrupt financiers, and their heathen corrupt censoring buddies in big media and big tech all suffer famine and ruin for the remainder of their days, and they all shall forever and never dwell in the House of the LORD….

      1. Not one of them will ever see the house of the Lord, let alone dwell in it. Just what book are you reading from. “Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish. (Psalms 1:5-6).

        1. First they need too go back and read “The Bill of Rights” that was established well before the Constitution.. . It was given before and established as the “The First Home Land Security”……

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  3. “Come and Take it” will NOW become the “battle cry” of the MILLIONS of Patriot GUN OWNERS that love our country, Love the FLAG, the U.S Constitution, and Bill of rights. The CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS have succeeded in waking up many of the GOD-FEARING , GUN-CLINGING, BIBLE CLINGING, FREEDOM-LOVING people of this country, and it WILL be their undoing, and BTW, it will take more than a “fence” around the Capitol, and a herd of “weekend warriors” to stop us.

  4. And the democrats want to call Trump and the Republican’s communist’s. This is one step closer to communism. That along with silencing the Republicans is another step. What are the democrats getting ready to start. I thought one revolution of the U.S. was enough. I guess they are looking for another. Or is it considered a civil war. Maybe, it’s a combination of both of them.

  5. I wonder if Biden has given any thought to casualties on both sides. Remember there are well over 150 Million gun owners, with 2+ guns each. What’s Biden got? Maybe a million and a half? If they all remain loyal to him.
    Something to think about, Joe!

    1. Biden’s handlers figure that they will not have to do the fighting. They figure that they will have the US soldiers to do their biding, and dirty work. Tar & Feathers, anyone?? The walk of shame!

      They seem to think that nothing will happen to them. They better think twice! These things goes two-ways! We will not just silently bow down to take the kick. They are waking up the sleeping Giant! If they hear the roar, it will be too late.

      1. Not that I am advocating anything , but the democrats should remember Hinkley and Oswald . There very well may be someone like them out there and they may have come across our open southern border . Sleep well swamp rats knowing that terrorists now have free access to our country and YOU .

  6. The Devil sent the ghost of Hitler to guide the Dems on how to be short-sighted destructive dimwits. If they persist, they will be instigating a bloody war. Hope that they don’t know which end of the gun that goes BANG! We are many. Many of us have survived current wars. We know what to do.

  7. An attempt to destroy the 2nd amendment will not turn out well. The oath of office includes protecting our constitution. If legislators break that oath the people have the right and the means to remove those who betray the constitution and the American people. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand ?

  8. Some people have suggested that THEY will bring in Nato troops. If done I will consider that a FOREIGN INVASION and act accordingly. Live Free or Die!!!

  9. Any republican that’s against the 2nd Amendment, better be prepared next election for their Non-Constitution beliefs. You will not get my guns without a fight. And I have 2 million maybe more that says the same thing.

  10. All republicans in both houses better fight this tooth and nail. If they din’t They are on the hook for starting a domestic war, which no one wants, but we will fight for our rights!

  11. Americans need to stand together for what is right and stop being a afraid of being shame for loving our country and justice for all . If we let the Democrats keep chipping away our rights we then will have no rights at all. This is their plan because right now we have a right , but every day the Democrats are rewriting the laws which will be used against us . I do not have a gun , but I , can march around with a sign and tell others to wake up realize our elected people have caused us to fear for our lives and property .

  12. The Government is so ignorant.Honest citizens will suffer but criminals won’t because they don’t go by any laws

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