GOP lawmaker reveals Pelosi’s congratulatory letter in now-disputed race

Democratic leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are now attempting to overturn the election of U.S. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) roughly two months after she was seated in the House of Representatives.

As part of her response, however, Miller-Meeks released a congratulatory letter she received from Pelosi following the election she won against Democratic challenger Rita Hart.

“Especially honored and humbled”

The Iowa Republican shared the image in a tweet noting her service as “a 24-year military veteran.”

Also referenced in the letter was a flag she was given after it was flown over the U.S. Capitol building, asserting that she was “especially honored and humbled” to receive it.

In acknowledgment of her win in the race to represent Iowa’s 2nd congressional district, Pelosi wrote: “As House Speaker, it is my honor to again extend congratulations to you on your election as a Member of the 117th Congress.”

The California Democrat went on to declare that she looked forward to working with Miller-Meeks “in a Congress that is bipartisan and unifying.”

“She’s also a shameless hypocrite”

After an investigation into the results of the narrowly decided Iowa race, however, Pelosi appears to have shifted her stance. A recount found just six votes separating the two candidates.

Hart is now claiming that 22 votes were not counted in the election, arguing that the margin could swing the entire race in her favor.

Pelosi is also on board with the pursuit of a recount that might add another seat to her party’s slim advantage in the House. The National Republican Congressional Committee, however, made its position clear, calling the effort “disgusting” and denouncing the speaker’s involvement.

“Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to overturn a state-certified election is a disgusting partisan power grab,” NRCC spokesperson Mike Berg said in a statement on Friday. “She’s also a shameless hypocrite.”

While Miller-Meeks has filed a motion to dismiss Hart’s challenge, the vote on that measure was postponed last week. After spending months villainizing former President Donald Trump for allegedly seeking to overturn his loss in November’s election, Pelosi and the Democrats seem poised to follow a similar path in Iowa.

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42 Responses

  1. Nancy is a commie she does not like a person receiving the American flag So she is going to cheat that lady out of rightfully elected seat remove Pelosi the commie Witch

    1. Nancy needs to be out, if it’s not her idea everyone needs to go. Is there no way to get rid of her. Surley someone can think of something, she is so evil, how can they keep her .

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  3. Things are getting so ridiculous maybe these people are going to tell when to use the bathroom. Micromanagement. No. Grown ups acting like everyone else needs diapers. I will take Huggins if that is the case.

    1. I know this is a ridiculous question!!,But really how does this woman really Govern by lying so much!!.how does she really stands uo and Speak to America when she lies and cheat so much!! Talk about her faith,All the time. Nancy!! GOD, IS NOT MOCKED!!

  4. Why can Dems contest any seat of gov but rep can’t event get the supreme idiots too at least take a look at the fraud in the Presidential election?!

    1. Because they have something on Roberts. Probably film of him and some youg girl. They show him in the flight manifest to Epsteins Island. He is disgusting as he puts his reputation over the good of the country. That’s the problem with all three branches of government they have betrayed their oaths to the Constitution and have been caught in the web Soros and Obama have woven to destroy the country.

  5. It seems to me that Nancy believes she is not only the Speaker of the House, but she is the President of the United States. She decides to do something like changing the rules of certain things and she pushes hard to get this rule put into place to suit her purpose. She is getting braver every day and she needs to be charged with treason and sent to jail. The entire Democrat elected officials should all be tired of treason because they have worked for more than five years to erase President Donald John Trump from the public’s mind as even being our President for four years. Additionally, It is a shame that Nancy Pelosi wants to overturn the state-certified election of Iowa Republican Representative Miller-Meeks as a member of the117 Congress.

  6. If they can reopen this election after it’s been finalized and they have sworn in Miller-Meeks, then we should be able to reopen and challenge the presidential election. Lets have an HONEST recount.

    1. Agree completely! We SHOULD be allowed to have the Presidential election again, & this time without ANY of pelosi’s & all her crooked treasonous cohorts fraudsters. We want a decent man like 44 back in power looking after America & her people!

  7. The Democrat party along with Nancy pelosi Harris and Biden Cortez and Omar and Walters are trying to remove a Republican that have been elected by the people they want to put a democrat in that was elected by them list of crimes of amount of times that they’ve committed treason is astronomical they need to be removed from office as soon as possible everyone knows the Democrats are the enemy within they are trying to systematically eliminate the Constitution

  8. “Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to overturn a state-certified election is a violation of the Constitution of the United States, Declaration Of Independence, and her Oath of office.” it is treason, pure and simple.

  9. All of the damn democrats need to be put completely out of our government. They all are liers and cheaters and they don’t believe in our constitution. Pelosi has no right to try and overturn any election in this country.

  10. It’s a sad sad World we’re living in today you cannot believe no one on either side at this point right now it’s been so much cheating corruption going on from the left and half of the right that you do not know which way to turn. I am just watching the show and I cannot wait for the ending

  11. Let’s actually see if Biden really one, now that some states are actually coming forward from the farce of an election .Let’s just count the legal ballots , not all the voting harvested ballots. Let’s also not count all the ballots the Suckerberg group cured.Trump would have easily won Wisconsin without all that interference.
    All the election laws that were broken in the other states just to get Biden in should be dismissed also. See if President Pelosi would mind looking into that too.

  12. Lies by Pelosi are considered venial sins.
    “Where there are lies, there is no love, one cannot have love”, the Pope.
    Hypocrisy is the work of the Devil. Voila.

  13. Agree to all posts! Piglosi must be removed from congress! Republicans, vote to vacate the chair, force her out. Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona has been trying to get the chair vacated, and Piglosi out. All republicans need to side with him and get enough votes to do it! Otherwise demand her removal due to election gerrymandering, and election interference! Iowa should file suit against her for denying their right to choose their congressperson. Impeach that old hag!!!

  14. Pigloose will cheat and lye to the entire US and our elected officials do absolutely nothing to get her legal and under control. Such a bunch of wimps. Why does a country as strong and competent as the US was just a few short years ago. Now it is “Cheat your way to the success that you desire” and let the hard working citizens pay your unjustified bills.

    Please!!!! America and smell the coffee and get our government back on track. How do any of you sleep at night with the knowledge that Donald Trump is the only known government official that even attempts to be honest and truthful and will stand up for and support truthful and honest Americans. Biden is the perfect example of the other side that I mention.

  15. WE ONLY HAVE A COUPLE OF CHOICES? … WE CAN VOTE CONSERVATIVE … Offer to Bring As Many People As We Know “RIDES” To The VOTING CENTERS! Be A CONSERVATIVE VOTING TRANSPORT VOLUNTEER ! … Much Needed and Rewarding Job! OR “YOU” Can RUN FOR POLITICAL OFFICE “YOURSELF”! …. But, we cannot afford to sit around calling the Rotten Back-Biting Scum =balls Names! LOL … We NEED TO FIND A WAY TO VOTE THEM ALL OUT! Sooooo you either Run For Office? Or you MAGNANIMOUSLY Offer every living human being you know a RIDE TO VOTE! … Churches, Schools clubs, bingo organizations, baseball teams! You Name It? You Offer To Give Them A Ride! BUT, WE GOTTA DO OUR BEST! …and sittin around name calling? Ain’t it. GET OFF YOUR AMERICAN REAR-END! … And RUN FOR OFFICE! … OR OFFER EVERY LIVING HUMAN BEING A RIDE TO VOTE! …If you are a GOD LOVING CONSERVATIVE! Call Your Area Republican Party. I notice when I VOTE?I A lot of times ONLY ONE PERSON IS RUNNING? … Call Them And APPLY FOR THAT POSITION! … No EXPERIENCE is necessary (AOC was a bartender.?) The PAY AND BENEFITS ARE THE VERY BEST! … Call Today! … Go get your new job! You got my VOTE! ….or offer to drive everyone.

  16. impeach her now before she does any more damage to our country. send her away gaged and a straight jacket

  17. I often wonder how many people are involved in this conspiracy or Coue or what ever you want to call it to remove our president Trump and then steal the election right on top of that. And then I wonder how many BILLIONS of dollars of tax money have the Democrats wasted in paying for this Conspiracy that is going to hurt we the people in the end. I hope we have a plan to stop all of these Traitors from destroying our country and it’s people that Don’t Want To Be ruled by Democrat Dictators and a brain damaged President and vice president and of course Pelosi and all impeachment crazy politicians. If Majority rules than we the people will rule if need be.

  18. You are all right, she is the craziest, most disliked, vile evil commie, mafia horror show I’ve ever seen, the thing that confuses me is why no one has removed her for abuse of power, inciting riots, insurrection, telling multiple lies, blaming others for her wrong doings, impeaching Trump for crimes that Obama & Hillary committed & for her own crime on 1/6/21, knowing Trump had nothing to do with it & wasting tax payer money! Plus all the other horrible crap she does, & now thinks she is above the law & can do anything the President can do. Get her out of office!

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