GOP lawmakers raise questions about possible ‘political interference’ by Biden admin in census count

The U.S. Census Bureau released data last month showing that a handful of states lost a congressional seat while others gained representation due to changes in population over the past decade.

Since the final apportionment numbers did not match initial estimates, however, some Republican lawmakers are demanding to know if the Biden administration oversaw any “political interference” in the matter.

“Fair, accurate, and independent”

According to Fox News, more than a dozen GOP lawmakers are seeking clarification, as detailed in a letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

On Friday, U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the panel’s ranking Republican member, sent the request for more information to Raimondo, who is ultimately in charge of the Census Bureau.

Along with various other GOP lawmakers who signed the letter, Comer expressed “concerns about the apportionment count released by the Census Bureau, and whether the process which derived the count was fair, accurate, and independent from any White House interference.”

Noting a delay in the release of the information, the Republicans posed “questions about the methodology and the role the Biden White House may have played in releasing these numbers, especially as the results differ from evaluation estimates released mere months ago in ways that benefit blue states over red states.”

As for why the members are pointing a finger at the Biden administration, initial questions posed to the Census Bureau regarding its data had reportedly been redirected to the White House.

“Strikingly different”

“Yet the statute is clear: it is the Secretary of Commerce who reports the apportionment count to the President, not the other way around,” the letter asserted.

The referral of questions to the White House “is entirely inappropriate,” the Republicans argued, “and raises questions about the level of White House involvement in the process.”

Somewhat ironically, many Democrats raised their own concerns that former President Donald Trump put his thumb on the scale during the census count last year. As the House Republicans noted, however, Biden overturned his predecessor’s policy of excluding undocumented immigrants from the apportionment count, which could have benefitted states with “sanctuary” cities and large populations of such individuals.

Furthermore, the letter noted how “strikingly different” the final census numbers were from initial estimates released late last year, asserting that the “trend calls into question whether there was any political influence with the apportionment results released by the Census Bureau.”

Republicans concluded with a request for documents, including internal communications, that contain relevant information. For its part, the bureau has blamed its delayed release of information on the COVID-19 pandemic and has dismissed the differences between estimates and the final count on typical errors in interpretation that actually improved the process in the long run.

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11 Responses

  1. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across
    a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let
    me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy that I stumbled across this during my search for something concerning this.

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  3. Does it surprise anyone- NO, does it mean the White House has Shame on it’s face- YES, does it mean Democrats ARE crooked- YES, does it mean they are trying to cheat in Next Election- YES. So what do we as Republicans do- Watch their every move & make sure they DON’T Cheat to Win like last Time! They had help & they still Manufactured Lies & paid off Turn Coat Republicans to help in their Crimes.

  4. I want to know how the deaths from Covid-19 were figured into/ taken away from the Census figures. We know for a fact that the Blue Democrat run states had way more deaths from Covid-19 than Red Republican run states. EXACTLY How we’re these handled because our Censuses were to be submitted around the time that we first went into lockdowns. Also there have been MANY families who have moved from the Blue states to Red states because of the excessive Lockdown Rules. How we’re these migrations handled? I have many questions concerning The 2020 CENSUS totals and I don’t trust the Joe Biden Administration to provide the truth because they LIE as much, if not more than, they accused President Trump of doing.

  5. The most upseeting part of this article is its implications. The last 4 years and the constant political attacks via twitter have done nothing other than to sew doubt in everything. The “Big Lie”, which is just that, means now it gives everyone the ability to question , attack or just lie about something for political gain. The lack of trust and being able to trust “facts” is causing all things to fall and both issues cause concern for our operating democracy. THAT is the worst hangover from the TRUMP years. In the GOP, which he still holds sway over, you must be willing to lie for Trump or you shall be replaced. Outright LIE for him vs. the TRUTH, no choice.

  6. They seem to be blaming everything on Covid..NO WAY…Let’s check this out a little further, One question:::If they could end up prooving misconduct and Mr Biden got thrown out (dream come true) then who gets the White House????

  7. They need investigated for much more than this piece of info. This administration is Corruption Incorporated!!

  8. My first comment wasn’t published, because it would hurt the liars! Yet I aware all of you that walk in holiness to be aware of the published lies, liars, that are in service if the prince of dstknrss!
    Regardless of the political trends we need to keep ourselves aware of the liars, that are after our souls and money!
    As long we cannot top those liers with the truth, they will try to get us convinced to get our support! Perhaps now is the time of judgment and the prince of the darkness will be bound and thrown away to the pit of the hell with his wicked family! Be so et minded my friends, do you love God, abide in the truth, for we are at spiritual war! Don’t get deceived. The prince of darkness can receive you as the angel of light! Don’t get deceived by dirty politicians, think on your own!

  9. Politicians are doing nothing to rectify the wrongs that have been ongoing !!! It seems that politicians are worthless in their job – if I’m not mistaken their job is to look out for the AMERICAN PEOPLE – not border jumpers !!! I, for one, am fed up with this bull called politicians and their practices of blowing a lot of hot air out !!! If this means splitting the US then so be it – it’s better than listening to a bunch of blowhards that have done nothing for the country !!! Political parties – HAW HAW – they’re doing nothing but blowing a lot of hot air to the American people !!! I know this is only a forum that goes nowhere, but, ask any true American about their feelings and the “stab in the back” by politicians !!! Guess what the answer is, if you can ???

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