GOP lawmakers say Biden not following through on pledge of unity, bipartisanship

President Joe Biden came into office with a pledge to unify the country and serve as a leader for all Americans.

When it comes to pursuing bipartisan solutions to the nation’s problems, however, some Senate Republicans argue that he simply does not seem interested.

“How far to the left they’ve gone”

According to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said this week that he has had little contact with high-ranking officials within the Biden administration, adding that the president has “not at all” followed through on his promise of unity.

Asked what surprised him the most about Biden’s first 100 days in office, Graham indicated that it has been an apparent lack of engagement.

The senator noted that administration insiders have “disengaged…with Congress at large, at least Republicans,” emphasizing “how far to the left they’ve gone in such a short period of time.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) expressed similar concerns, telling the Washington Examiner that Biden has established a reputation for pushing “extreme” policy proposals instead of seeking compromise.

“On Inauguration Day, he spoke of unity,” Cruz said prior to the president’s speech before a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. “He spoke of common ground. I hope tonight he returns to that message.”

“Boring but radical”

Apparently unimpressed by what he heard, the Texas Republican went on to declare that Biden had promoted a vision endorsed by the far-left faction of the Democratic Party.

“I think the speech tonight, you could sum up three words: boring but radical,” Cruz said in a subsequent interview with Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity.

Cruz continued his review of Biden’s initial few months in office by calling it “the most radical first hundred days of any president in the history of this country,” adding that it “makes Barack Obama look mild and moderate.”

Among his specific complaints was Biden’s fiscal plan, about which he said: “You look at what Joe Biden stood up there tonight and said, he said, number one we’re raising taxes, we’re raising every tax. If you pay taxes in America, your taxes are going up.”

The senator lamented that “they’re going to raise individual income taxes, they’re going to raise corporate income taxes, they’re going to raise taxes on small businesses, they’re going to raise capital gains taxes, they’re going to raise the death tax…to the tune of trillions of dollars,” describing Biden’s address as “a frightening speech masquerading in really boring tones.”

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5 Responses

  1. I have to admit that I didn’t watch Biden’s speech to a few Congresspersons and Senators. I took a sleeping pill instead. I knew that Mr. Biden would give a speech, that unlike Donald Trump’s last State of the Union, would truly be worthy of Nancy Pelosi tearing it up. Of course she didn’t.

    As Biden tries to ruin this country, pledging to bring manufacturing back, while driving companies to Mexico and overseas with increased taxes, he wants to justify CRT (used to mean Cathode Ray Tube, now it means Critical Race Theory) being taught in our schools. I’m thankful that our dear daughter is teaching our three granddaughters at home. Now Biden wants the 1619 Project inflicted on the Nation’s kids. If Donald Trump doesn’t run again, I think a ticket of Ron Desantis and Tim Scott would be great.

    1. What is even more noteworthy is that the 95% approval rating of the speech was ONLY geared to 16% Republicans and the balance were Democrats. The must be extremely afraid of feedback if they avoid even speaking to conservatives.

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