GOP leader Kevin McCarthy urges voters to ‘fire’ Nancy Pelosi from speaker’s chair in November

With alarmingly bad poll numbers and a flailing presidential administration, the news for Democrats couldn’t seem to get any worse, but Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) recently told voters that the next logical step is to “fire” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this fall by returning the GOP to power.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity last week, McCarthy addressed the November midterm contests and lamented the damage that has been done to the country since President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats have been at the helm.

McCarthy takes aim at Pelosi

Speaking to host Sean Hannity, McCarthy provided a laundry list of ills for which he believes the recent stretch of Democrat Party rule bears the blame and implored voters to take the necessary steps to bring the left’s agenda to an end this fall.

“This is the problem. One-party rule in one year. But the good news is, in less than one year we can fix this country if we fire Nancy Pelosi,” the Republican leader declared.

Offering voters a chance for direct engagement with the GOP campaign to retake control, McCarthy urged viewers to visit “,” saying, “If you care about this country, if you want to change the course of history, we can do it and we can make it happen.”

Characterizing the upcoming midterm election as “the biggest choice in American history,” Hannity warned, “If we don’t reverse course, I don’t know how the country recovers,” to which McCarthy optimistically replied, “I think help is on the way.”

Democrats face an uphill battle

The House GOP leader’s optimism appears well-placed, at least according to a recent poll from the National Republican Congressional Committee, which, as Conservative Brief noted, shows Democrats facing some significant electoral challenges in their bid to retain control.

The survey covered 77 key battleground districts from across the country, and the news for the left was far from encouraging, with Biden himself registering approval from just 40% of voters and disapproval from a whopping 55%.

Adding to the Democrats’ woes were the poll’s findings that 46% of all respondents are concerned most about economic matters and that Republicans enjoy a 24-point lead among voters alarmed by the rising cost of living and a 20-point lead with those worried about jobs and the state of the economy.

In addition, upwards of three of every four swing voters captured in the NRCC survey indicated a belief that Democrats were “out of touch” when it comes to the issues of greatest importance to them and that the left is “condescending” towards everyday Americans.

Republican tailwinds remain strong

The NRCC numbers are not the only ones to suggest that McCarthy’s plan to oust Pelosi from the speaker’s chair is well on its way to execution, with The Hill reporting last week that a new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealing that on a generic ballot, the GOP holds a 53-47 point lead on Democrat candidates, with 59% of independent voters indicating that they would rather cast a ballot for a Republican than for a Democrat.

As of now, the chances of a Republican wave capable of sweeping Pelosi off of her powerful perch once and for all appear quite strong, and that is something for which the entire nation can indeed be grateful.

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