GOP Rep. Comer: Dems want Americans to be ‘mad and angry’ on Thanksgiving

According to Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the Democrats made it clear this year that they want Americans to be “mad and angry” rather than “thankful” on Thanksgiving. 

Comer said as much during a Thanksgiving Thursday appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends. 

“Talking points”

The segment started off with the program’s hosts calling attention to a document that the White House released ahead of Thanksgiving. The document is titled: “President Biden’s Top Accomplishments for when chatting with your Uncle at Thanksgiving.”

When “chatting with your Uncle at Thanksgiving,” the document calls upon Americans to tell their uncles how President Joe Biden has “tackled inflation,” “lowered costs,” “took on big Pharma,” passed the “bipartisan” infrastructure act, and more.

Each one of these bullet points has specific “accomplishments” underneath it. Under “despite global challenges, we’re making progress,” for example, the White House writes, “10 million jobs created, unemployment near record lows,” etc.

On top of all of this, the White House, in the document, also asked Americans to tell their uncles that congressional Republicans “are extreme.”

It will come as no surprise that this document received a lot of pushback from many.

“Keeping everyone mad and angry”

After the Fox hosts finished their introduction, Comer weighed in on the White House’s release of this document.

“I would like to see them try to play that on my uncles,” Comer began. “You know I know my uncles are first of all going to complain about how much it costs to drive down here. And then, secondly, they’re going to go into great detail about what the White House can do with their wokeism and electric vehicles.”

“So, I don’t think they’re going to find many uncles in America who are very pleased with the policies of the Biden White House. And, their talking points aren’t going to go very far, unfortunately,” Comer added.

Then, the Fox hosts asked Comer why it is that the Democrats insist on making everything political, including Thanksgiving. That’s when Comer replied:

I’ve noticed from six years in Congress, watching the Left, their business model revolves around keeping everyone outraged, keeping everyone mad and angry. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect and be thankful, but the Democrats don’t like that.

“They want everyone to be upset and outraged, and they want to try to blame their outrage on the right, on the Republican Party. It’s very unfortunate. I think that’s a big reason why we’re so divided in America,” Comer added.