GOP Rep. Crenshaw blasts Tucker Carlson for criticizing Biden on Afghanistan

Rep. Ben Crenshaw (R-TX) just went after Tucker Carlson for previous comments he made criticizing President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal, last summer, of American troops from Afghanistan. 

BizPacReview reports that Crenshaw did so during a recent appearance on the Hold These Truths podcast with Dan Blumenthal.

To provide perspective, Crenshaw and Carlson hold vastly different opinions on whether or not America ought to get involved, militarily, in matters abroad. Crenshaw, in general, is in favor of doing so, at least in certain situations, whereas Carlson, in general, is largely not.

The differences between the two are characteristic of the differences, on this particular issue, within the Republican Party.

Crenshaw on isolationism

During his appearance on the podcast, Crenshaw discussed isolationism, including why he is against it.

Crenshaw explained:

The isolationists well — would indignantly suggest that, “Oh, so you wanna start a war just to prevent a future war that you’re not even sure is gonna happen.” And my answer to them is always, “Well, the, the costs are coming either way. History tells us that over and over and over again.” The costs get greater with further inaction.

The Texas Republican went on to explain his position in more detail. Then, he went after Carlson.

“Nothing made me angrier”

Crenshaw specifically went after Carlson for criticizing Biden on his U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Why? Because, according to Crenshaw, Biden, here, did exactly what isolationists like Carlson wanted him to do.

“Nothing made me angrier than watching Tucker Carlson have the nerve to even criticize Joe Biden because Joe Biden did exactly what Tucker Carlson wanted him to do, exactly to the ‘T,’” Crenshaw said.

He continued:

Pull out everybody right now, you know, no ifs, ands, or buts, no middle ground whatsoever. Not even [former President Donald] Trump was, I think, thinking of doing that, you know, we would’ve at least left people in Bagram. They’ve been wrong on every front and it’s getting dangerous. You start to lose people in this kind of situation and you… you can’t have this naive outlook of the world.

What of it?

This seems to be somewhat of a cheap shot from Crenshaw. Carlson has made it clear that he doesn’t want America getting militarily involved in matters abroad, but that’s not contradicted by his criticism of Biden. Carlson was criticizing Biden for something completely different, namely, how Biden went about that withdrawal, which is a matter altogether separate from isolationism.

Carlson has yet to respond to Crenshaw.

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