GOP Senator: If Texas goes blue, “it’s all over”

Republicans across the country have just been put on alert.

According to Fox News, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) believes there is a very real possibility that Texas could go to the Democrats in the upcoming general election. 

“If the Democrats win Texas, it’s all over,” Cruz said.

Why now?

Cruz raised the possibility of Texas going blue in a recent video that he did with The Hill. Then, during a Fox News appearance on Monday, he explained the cause: not a change in the state’s demographics, as suggested by some outlets, but a socioeconomic shift.

“If you look at what is happening nationally, there are two broad demographic trends going on nationally, blue-collar workers, union members are moving right, and that is moving midwestern states more Republican, states like Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, every one of which went for Donald Trump in 2016 — at the same time we are seeing suburban voters, in particular suburban women who are moving left,” Cruz explained.

This moving left of suburban women – a trend that is happening across the country – is particularly problematic for a state like Texas where this group of women makes up a larger portion of the population than they do in other states.

“And that’s a real challenge, because with a state like Texas, we know that New York and California are bright blue for the foreseeable future,” Cruz reasoned. “If Texas joins them, that’s the entire election. We can’t let that happen.”

Biden in Texas

It’s not just the socioeconomic change, though, that is turning Texas blue, according to Cruz. The congressman also gave some credit to former president Joe Biden and his 2020 campaign.

“Nobody started this year on new year’s day predicting a global pandemic, the Great Depression, and race riots. Cruz said. “It’s horrific what is happening to our country. And Biden and the Democrats are very smartly trying to capitalize on it. And what Biden is doing in soft focus is harking back to a calmer, peaceful time.”

Cruz continued:

That is a dangerous message. That is a compelling message and I think that it is important if this election focuses on issues, and focuses on substance, focusing on a contrast between free enterprise and socialism, and a contrast between the Constitution and Bill of Rights and rule of law versus anarchy and violence, we win it — but if it is a personality contest, that’s what the Democrats want it to be because they think that wins the election.

Why this is a big deal

Texas’ 38 electoral votes typically go to Republican presidential candidates. The last time that a Democrat won the Lone Star State was in the 1970s when Jimmy Carter was elected president. Polls currently are showing essentially a dead heat in Texas between President Donald Trump and Biden.

The overcoming of Texas’ 38 electoral votes and California’s 55 and New York’s 29, both deep blue states, would just about be impossible for a Republican candidate. This is why, as Sen. Cruz points out, we simply cannot allow Texas to go blue this November.

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