‘They disguise it as humanitarian’: GOP senator says Dems want to turn migrants into liberal voters

America’s southern border has been flooded with migrants in the weeks since President Joe Biden took office. But while those on the right have labeled the situation an all-out crisis, one Republican lawmaker says that Democrats see it as something else: an opportunity.

According to Breitbart, U.S. Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana charged Saturday that Democrats are hoping to use the influx of migrants to pad their voter rolls and all but guarantee wins for their party in future elections. 

A calculated decision

Speaking with Breitbart News Saturday, Braun said while Dems may be trying to play the “humanitarian” card, all they’re really after is new voters.

In Braun’s view, the Democratic Party has made a “calculation” that a significant number of those crossing the border illegally today will “become voters for [Dems] down the road.”

“That is the ugly underpinning of what the Democrats are doing, and they disguise it as humanitarian, and if that were the case, they would not let what happened what we all witnessed,” the GOP senator declared, according to Breitbart.

The “border plan”

Of course, Braun isn’t alone in making that claim. Conservative commentator Candace Owens expressed a similar sentiment earlier this month during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

According to Fox, Owens characterized the situation as a “border plan” by Democrats to “import” a class of “victim voters.”

“What I mean when I say victim voters is that they’re going to implement the same plan they have executed successfully on Black America for the last six decades,” Owens predicted. “What comes next for these illegal immigrants? Free stuff!”

The crisis continues

While White House communications director Kate Bedingfield recently claimed that the increase in migration is simply a “cyclical” problem, many Republicans maintain that it was caused by rhetoric and policy decisions from President Biden.

Shortly after taking office, Biden announced that he was ending the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required asylum-seekers to stay in Mexico while their claims were processed.

The Biden administration also canceled further construction of Donald Trump’s famed wall at the southern border, according to Fox, and announced a 100-day halt on deportations. That moratorium is now being challenged in federal court.

In the meantime, some 18,000 migrant children are said to still be in U.S. custody as the crisis at the border continues.

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20 Responses

  1. I’m glad I am old because I won’t be here that long! Isn’t it awful that I am looking forward to death rather than living in America? And believe me I Love this Country but I cannot stand to sit and watch it turned into a GARBAGE DUMP!!!

    1. I soooo agree with your thoughts. They are mine also. The DemoRATS are as crooked as can be. They cheat, lie and steal. They actually make me sick to my stomach. I want to gag when I look at them or hear them speak…..nothing but lies and deceit. I hope they enjoy the heat in hell.

  2. Dictator, Puppet, Brain Dead Biden/Harris & the Entire ANTI-AMERICAN Criminal, Racist Demorats have put EVERY AMERICAN IN DANGER.


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  4. All on the taxpayer’s dime. This is why dems along with the billions they give to other countries need to increase and add more taxes.

  5. Send the immigrants back to their own country before you start a warClose the border and we all live to tell about how close we came….

  6. So many people were right the true enemies of the United States have become the Democratic Party unfortunately they are supported by the FBI the CIA and now it looks like maybe even the Supreme Court it’s sad that we don’t have anybody protecting our constitution and our rights anymore

  7. The Author and the Senator are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Democraps are pushing Citizenship for the MILLIONS of ILLEGALS already here for the very same reason.

    1. I personally call them the “Vote Pimps”, because that’s all they care about. The joke is on them tho – most Latino teens are past the formative years and learned in their Hispanic household the basics of hard work, family, faith and will revert to that in their adult lives. Which means they’ll switch to voting RED!

  8. The dems don’t need actual breathing humans to vote for them. The dems have Govenors, Secretaries Of State, all local and state judges and even the SCOTUS, the FBI and all AG’s. Oh and lets not forget all of Congress including the weak spinless GOP. The dens will probably be in total control for 100 years.

  9. It’s no surprise to me the democrats are opening up the border .Any way they can steal votes like they did last year.Thatswhat they do.Gets your guns ready ,that’s all we can do.The Republican won’t fight for us. I am changing party’s.Not democrat,but independent.

  10. Under the constitution article 3 section 3 this is a invasion on the United States of America, brought to us by Dictator Biden and the communist party of the Democrats. They all need to be charged with treason..it only takes 2 people of Congress or the Senate to do this

  11. That been their intent all along. Now it doean’t take a atomic brain to figure what is going on, and if you people are suprised then your dumber than s box of rocks

  12. I only have one thing to say. I used to be a Democrat, and changed my vote to independent conservative. I was a World War II Baby. The Dems are destroying America. If any of you people that voted for the Dems, you need to open your eyes!

  13. It’s amazing, here in California public schools kids are on zoom but in the San Diego area, the communist public school teachers are teaching these bottom feeders in person at school. The school buses are dropping them off! You go figure that, American kids come 2nd. Boy, these teachers need to be fired! ASAP!

  14. What is the worst part is: these people come here illegally, the red carpet is out for them, they get all the” freebies”, yet they stand by supermarkets and on street corners panhandling for MORE money! Several families all living together, living better than we do, but play the “ oh poor immigrants”, while getting food stamps, fee medical, free education, and treating us like WE are low life’s. You can’t make this crap up! I live in Arizona, I see it on a daily basis.

  15. Talk and voting are no longer the way to deal with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks.
    We all know the answer, soon we will be out of options

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