GOP Senator slams Harris’ border visit, claims she purposely avoided hard-hit areas

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson claimed during a recent Fox News interview that Vice President Kamala Harris purposely avoided the hardest-hit areas on the southern U.S. border during her recent trip “so the press wouldn’t report on the crisis.”

“They took her to a point in the border where she wouldn’t see the crisis and so the press wouldn’t report on the crisis,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s criticism comes in the wake of a number of GOP politicians hammering Harris for visiting one of the least affected areas of the border, as opposed to touring the Rio Grande Valley, where the immigration crisis continues to spiral out of control.

“Exacerbating the problem”

The Wisconsin senator added that “they’ve gotten very efficient at processing and dispersing illegal immigrants across this country. They’re taking credit for that, but they’re just fueling the crisis. They’re exacerbating the problem.”

Johnson also criticized the Biden administration for the large number of illegal border crossers that it seemingly continue to allow to flood across the southern U.S. border on a daily basis.

“We literally are apprehending now about 6,000 people per day,” the GOP senator said.

“That’s I mean, that’s a large caravan every day being processed, some of them being returned, others are being dispersed. But this crisis is not going away. It’s just under everybody’s radar because the press isn’t covering it,” he added.

“6,000 people a day”

Johnson dialed in on the “6,000 people a day” figure in a recent tweet, drawing attention to the alarming rate at which federal agencies under the Biden administration seem to be processing and releasing illegal immigrants into the streets of America with great efficiency.

Johnson’s criticisms of Harris’ border trip echo similar call-outs by other GOP congresspeople, including pointed feedback from Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), who wrote in a recent Fox News op-ed that Harris’ border trip was strictly for show, and not in the name of making progress.

“She checked a box. She only went, frankly, because President Donald Trump announced that he was going to the border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott,” Biggs wrote, adding that the trip was “merely a photo opportunity.”

Nobody expected Harris to fix the immigration crisis with a trip to the southern U.S. border, but millions of Americans did, in fact, expect her to take the border visit opportunity much more seriously and exhibit even a modicum of leadership, which by most accounts, she absolutely failed to do.

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  7. Carmela Knee Pads Harris is nothing more than Garden Variety Gutter TRASH . Ask WILLY BROWN (D-CA) EX-MAYOR he knows everything U would what to know about Knee Pads Harris or BENDED KNEES.

  8. Well there is a saying for that sort of B.S. and I think it is call, PICK and CHOSE your BATTLES and take the easy cowards way out, she has no answers and she has no plan, but to be a obama puppet and a leech on the TAXPAYERS back. IMPEACH this FRAUD, an start today. She is the problem the disease, and sure not the cure.

  9. So now, instead of comments, this is a site dedicated strictly to the myriad of crooks running a scam.

  10. too bad I wasn’t still thee I could show her the border like no other…

    3 am sealing boxcars and dodging illegals (with no moonlight)

  11. Kamala wants the border to be in chaos so that those that are not ‘sent back’ can be dispersed throughout the U.S. They are cleverly shipped to high Republican cities and counties where they will be granted citizenship and become registered voters who will vote for their benefactors, the Democrats.
    Why would she try to solve a ‘problem’ that was contrived by the Left to be used to the Left’s political advantage?
    Everything the Democrats do and don’t do is by design.

  12. I say ship them all to DC and let them stay in the underground parking of the Capitol building like they did to our wonderful National Guard. Put Pelosi in charge, she’ll send ’em all to jail like she did to the FAKE January 6th supposed insurrectionists. Things would change faster than a NY second!

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