GOP will seek Fauci’s termination

Congressional Republicans are looking to put an end to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s career in government.

Fox News reports that the GOP is getting ready to introduce a bill that would have the effect of removing Fauci from his spot atop the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). 

Although the bill would have the effect of firing Fauci, what it would actually do is impose a 12-year term limit, to be applied retroactively, on directors of the NIAID. So, considering that Fauci has held the job since 1984, he’d be gone.

The bill is being sponsored by Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH), who put out a statement, saying, “Few people have earned their termination more visibly. His excessively long tenure is emblematic of Eisenhower’s farewell address caution against scientific-technical elite steering the country for their own ends — at odds with truth and the national interest.”


This attempt to rid the government of Fauci comes as Fauci is facing scrutiny for his alleged role in the origination of the coronavirus.

Just recently, Nicholas Wade, the former editor of the science section for the New York Times, published in Medium an article detailing evidence that the coronavirus pandemic did indeed originate in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, despite the claims of the World Health Organization (WHO), among others.

It turns out that when the coronavirus pandemic began, last fall, the Wuhan lab had been working on how it would be possible for humans to get infected with the bat virus. This already is a critical piece of information.

But, what has also been revealed is that Fauci’s NIAID actually funded, through EcoHealth Alliance, the research that the Wuhan lab was doing on bat viruses. In other words, it appears that Fauci signed off on taxpayer dollars going to something that eventually led to the current coronavirus pandemic.

The Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, accordingly, has called for Fauci to be criminally investigated.

“In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation currently underway into Tony Fauci’s role in the COVID pandemic that has killed millions and halted our country and changed it forever,” Carlson said. “So why isn’t there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci’s role in this pandemic?”

Fauci responds

This week, Fauci was forced to respond to these allegations at a Senate hearing. Fauci, for the most part, spent his time denying that any taxpayer funds went to the Wuhan lab for research on bat viruses.

Many Americans likely agree that it is time for Fauci to go. But, with President Joe Biden at the helm, there is little chance of Davidson’s bill succeeding.

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21 Responses

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  3. Something that MILLIONS of We the Legal, Patriotic, Constitution-loving, America-Loving Citizens can AGREE WITH 100%! Falsy Fauci has flip-flopped more than a fish out of water AND he has been caught LYING…..We need a person in this kind of position that can be TRUSTED to tell the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ALL THE TIME!

  4. When are you going to stop putting out Bogus headlines. Your headline makes people think this is a done deal and yet we find that is the GOP proposing to have him fired. Democrats are not going to let that happen. They would lose credibility if he was terminated. Of course, no one in their right mind has followed him anyway since last year. He is in on this Plandemic and has said so when he said that during Trump’s Presidency there would be an epidemic. He knew then what was going to happen as he helped plan it.

  5. I have been calling him Phony Fauci for quite some time now. I knew that he was a phony when the liberal media was praising him as they have! He was in on creating the covid, in the Wuhan lab, in the first place! He is part of the Deep State, and he is an enemy to America!

  6. Long overdue and sincerely hope he is out as there is little doubt his interests are self serving and have been for some time..

  7. Fauci is now scared that he might lose his lucrative job. So now all of the sudden he’s changing his mind about wearing masks.

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  9. If I am not mistaken Obama gave him the money to take over to that lab so it was most certainly tax dollars and why isn’t Obama included in these charges he is guilty as well !

  10. It’s about time. He can’t wear two hats and be objective. Has anyone noticed the reports of all the so called vacinated people that are now getting the virus. I have sad along that it was only a ploy. China released the virus thru it own people and the sent them on vacation to other areas and countries. They can now see how to win the fighting war when they are ready.

    1. its not even a vaccine,its a Gene Therapy drug with aborted baby matter,,poison potion,re- search Dr. Tenpenny,shes the Dr. that got with State govs & why they are starting to open up. This was a ”groom” for their NWO agendas

  11. Fauci has made lots of money off COVID.

    Fauci is notorious for his flip flops. The ONLY time he told the truth is back in March 2020 where he said that masks are not good for your health. However if you have COVID wear a mask to help protect others.

    Obama warned Fauci to stop GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH – ways to take bird and animal viruses that do not normally affect humans and make them affect humans. OBAMA was wise to try to stop Fauci from this evil research. Why weaponize viruses, make them worse and more deadly. Chemical warfare is bad enough but to make viruses, etc so they kill humans has no ethical backing and really is evil.

    Pres Trump got to where he turned against the World Health Organization and Fauci and his CDC comrades.

    By the way no credible biological lab just has ‘leaks’ in deadly viruses, germs,etc. It would take real idiots for such to happen because of all of the safeguards needed. In the least Fauci’s government funding of Wuhan research of COVID would indict him for sloppily handling resources to a lab that was so feeble and unknowing of proper protection and containment of such viruses etc. It would be like funding a second hand lab with ignorant techs and doctors. NO WAY! The release of COVID was NO ACCIDENT.

    ALSO, COVID 2 SARS is one COVID strain I KNOW has a PATENT. No naturally caused or generated material CAN be patented, only what is CREATED.

    COVID 19 is NOT a natural nature generated virus from bats. It is possibly a bat virus MADE DANGEROUS to us through GAIN OF FUNCTION

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