GOP wins another House seat in California, now at 220 seats

The GOP has claimed another House win as Kevin Kiley is projected to take California’s 3rd District.

Kiley’s win over Kermit Jones brings Republicans to 220 seats in the House.

The details

“Kiley won the race with 52.8% compared to Jones’s 47.2%, with 84% of the vote counted,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“The Republican announced on Twitter last week that he had won the race, claiming that his win secured a House majority for Republicans before it was officially called,” it added.

“The race has just been called in our favor. This secures a Republican Majority in the House of Representatives,” Kiley tweeted last week.

“News of the Republican Party’s victory in the House of Representatives comes after a week of headlines dominated by the supposed deflation of the ‘red wave’ expected ahead of the midterm elections,” RSB Network reported.

The new addition gives Republicans a larger margin as they take back power in the House in the new Congress.

The party is expected to take on new investigations that include Hunter Biden’s international business efforts, the border crisis, and addressing the Biden administration’s massive inflation. Others remain concerned about international issues that include Biden’s failures in Afghanistan and the ongoing Ukraine war.

Kiley also gives another win in traditionally blue California, showing that many in the liberal state are ready for conservative change across the nation.