GOP won midterms by 3 million votes but barely took House majority

Republicans gained over three million more votes than Democrats in 2022 midterm elections, but barely won a majority in the House, while losing the Senate.

The new numbers released regarding the midterms show a sharply divided nation when it comes to politics.


The numbers

“Numbers from the Cook Political Report show that the GOP leads Democrats by roughly 3.5 million votes when combining all 435 House seats, with ballots still being unsettled in a pair of races in California and Colorado,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Republicans are set to have a slight majority in votes over the Democrats by roughly 3 percentage points, according to the numbers. Democratic votes sit at 50,799,961 (47.7%), and Republican votes sit at 54,134,006 (50.8%),” it added.

The changes

“We already know 2022 was a depolarizing election in at least one respect,” writes @Redistrict.

“As it stands now, the number of crossover districts in the upcoming House is poised to rebound, with 18 ‘Biden Republicans’ and 5 ‘Trump Democrats,'” Cook Political Report tweeted, noting significant changes since 2020 in key districts.

The news comes a week after the GOP was projected to win the majority in the House.

Republicans also lost the Senate, with one seat remaining in Georgia that could get them back to a 50-50 tie.

The midterms were disappointing for conservatives, but the overall numbers show the nation has many GOP voters.