CA Gov. Newsom could end up losing his seat to a Trump ally

It is not outside the realm of possibility that a Trump ally could end up becoming the next governor of California.

Breitbart reports that Richard Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence for the Trump administration, is considering running for governor of California — if the recall effort against the current governor, Gavin Newsom (D), succeeds. 

The outlet reports that “sources familiar with the matter say Grenell is definitely considering a run for the governor’s mansion if a recall election is triggered this year.”

There’s nothing official yet

Breitbart’s report, written by Matthew Boyle, comes after Grenell made a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel. There, Grenell talked about how California’s current leadership is failing its residents.

“We have Gov. Gavin Newsom who shut down the beaches. Now, this is not part of science,” Grenell said. “We have a governor who plays politics. But we also have a state that is completely run by one party. If you want to have the insiders from one political party, and the well-connected constantly get what they want, then you have to keep electing the same people over and over and that’s what we have in California.”

During the interview, Grenell suggested that California needs leadership that is more like that of Texas or Florida, which led host Sean Hannity to ask whether Grenell was announcing his bid for the California governorship.

Grenell didn’t give a clear answer. But, according to Boyle’s report, which cites insiders, Grenell is certainly considering it.

He could win. Really.

First things first, though, the recall effort against Newsom has to succeed.

Currently, those leading the recall effort have managed to obtain about 1.4 million signatures. To trigger a recall, 1.5 million signatures are needed by mid-March. Considering that some signatures will likely get thrown out, though, the recall organizers are predicting that they need to actually obtain about 1.8 million signatures to be safe, and considering that it is both California Republicans and Democrats who are upset with Newsom, as evidenced by his sub 50 percent approval rating, it is a very real possibility that the requisite number of signatures will be obtained.

If that does happen, then California voters will be asked two questions: do you want to recall Newsom and who do you want to replace him. The first question requires a simple majority of 50 percent plus one vote, but it is the second question where things get interesting.

That’s because only a plurality of votes would be necessary to replace Newsom. In other words, the winning candidate may only need about 30 percent of the vote, which would certainly open the door up for a Republican, Trump ally like Grenell.

This has all happened before with the recall effort of Democrat California Gov. Gray Davis and the election of Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003. It could happen again.

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22 Responses

  1. If I lived in California, I would vote for Grendel! He would be a great governor for California! And—- it would break the pelosi family hold on the state, since newscum is her nephew! Nepotism? Yes!

  2. The people could potentially elect a republican governor but he will have to
    Deal with a liberal democratic legislator. So the lunacy will Continue.

    1. Or, how about voting people with actual history of trustworthiness and integrity to replace those with proven failed policies, and corruption, regardless of party?! Where integrity and trustworthiness aren’t found in current candidates, let those of our nation in every state and county, which have these qualities arise and be elected!

    2. There is no way a Republican can ever win in CA. The democrats have perfected cheating to a fool prove way. Why else have these criminals been in power for decades. The illegal votes, dead peoples votes and all shenanigans of the democrats are doing the trick and it will destroy our country. Biden is already killing this country.

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  4. Hopefully, with the destruction of America being done by the demonrats in office now, they will lose in every election from now on, with ONLY legal voting being done and no more CHEATING!!!

  5. If Newsom had a real job he would have been fired a long time ago for incompetency. I hope Grenell runs & becomes the next Governor of California!

  6. Rick would be a great start for California get the Democratis replaced one by one Get smart California now is you chance don’t let it get away from you.

  7. If all else fails at least make sure the Democrats spend every nickel they can raise. Those big money supporters have got to be getting tired of throwing their money away on these losers.

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