WV governor passes law granting tax incentives for firearms industry

Even as President Joe Biden and other Democratic Party leaders pursue new gun control policies, one state is taking steps to counteract their impact.

According to reports, Republican West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) has signed a new law effectively giving residents more robust Second Amendment rights.

Tax breaks for gun manufacturers

The governor signed H.R. 2499, which removes the state’s 6% sales tax on firearms and ammunition. The provision will go into effect in July and also offers some perks for the firearms industry.

According to Bearing Arms, the bill provides “tax incentives on the cost of equipment for manufacturing small arms and ammo” while lowering the property tax rate for companies establishing gun and ammunition manufacturing facilities in West Virginia.

The bill includes another provision for such manufacturers that allows them to offset state taxes with their federal excise tax bill.

Proponents of the measure are hopeful that the tax advantages will provide an incentive for new firearms-related industries to move into the state.

Justice’s move comes on the heels of Biden’s latest push for stricter gun laws.

Biden’s gun control agenda

House Democrats also passed several gun control measures, including one that would require background checks for virtually all gun sales. The problem they face, however, is advancing such proposals through a U.S. Senate evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

For his part, the president issued a statement indicating that he is prepared to use executive action to enact certain measures through the U.S. Department of Justice.

In his recent proclamation, Biden said the Justice Department “will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of ‘ghost guns,'” or firearms created from kits that do not include traceable serial numbers. The agency was also tasked with issuing “a proposed rule to make clear when a device marked as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.”

Biden also wants the agency to “publish model ‘red flag’ legislation for states” that could allow authorities to remove guns from the possession of individuals deemed to be a risk to themselves or others. He is also hoping that the legislative branch will succeed in banning “assault weapons and high capacity magazines” as well as “repealing gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability.”

As Gov. Justice and other Republican leaders across the nation are making clear, however, any such efforts to restrict the right of Americans to bear arms will not succeed without a fierce political fight.

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14 Responses

  1. If Biden thinks that we will just sit back and allow him to start enacting any gun law he chooses without going through Congress, he has another thing coming!! We sat and did nothing when Obama enacted DACA, which was not in his purview to enact. Every State with a Republican AG should have sued the Obama Administration but we said don’t worry when we have a Republican President we will strike it down. But they took the Trump Administration to court, and THEY won? CRAZY right? But we let things stand too long. We won’t make that mistake again!!!

    1. total agree stick together Governor of each state and start bucking this fraudulent president and start making your own executive orders we need to get rid of biden & harris.start an impeachment on both come on republican start playing dirty.

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  3. The true American people will not stand for the democrats communist actions They will find a way even if the dems end the constitution of the USA They think they can do as they please well sit back and watch you are sadly mistaken , and remember what goes around comes around Try your new vote thing it aint going to work again You cheated once now we can beat you Bye Bye Dems

  4. Our only hope is the courageous sates likw W.VA. Congressional Republicans are spineless cowards.I have not heard any op[position to this destruction of the 2nd amendment from any on them. McConnell backed anti 2nd AG Garland and many RINO support Chipman for ATF. He was the guy in command at Waco Tx who incinerated American citizens also a very anti gun man. Cheers to this governor and thank you sir

  5. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Will here is a excellent example of a dictator in our government that is Biden using his executive actions on everything he wants to use it on.

  6. I am not surprised. I grew up in West Virginia and everyone had hunting rifles and shotguns. Most of my relatives still live in WVa and taking away their guns would likely cause a revolution. For many, it’s a food source such as rabbits, squirrels. and deer meat. Our politicians in the big cities are crazy. Maybe politicians will become the next big game to be hunted down. Nothing would surprise me.

  7. Anything,Y’all, ANYTHING that Joseph Robinette Biden says. does, or attempts to do should be rejected OUTRIGHT!!! Why, you ask? The answer: Simply because Joseph Robinette Biden’s actions are totally unsound due to his brain-housing group being seriously diminished and damaged!! I sincerely believe that all his handlers, all of them, know this but their nasty agenda will not allow their acknowledgment! The enemies of America are watching and laughing,Y’all! And that includes the swamp democ-rats!! GOD help us all!

  8. Biden is a low life SOB, and has absolutely NO BUSINESS being president. They cheated in the election, and now this fool is destroying our country with the help of Obama and his cronies!

  9. Biden’s grand kids will be reading about his corrupt as in the future as being the worst most stupid President there ever was, that cheated his way into winning the presidency. His grandkids will be punished in the future for his and his son’s corrupt ways at our governments expense in there under the table business dealings.

  10. I think he should be impeached because his son Hunter Biden has ties to China and his laptop has a lot of evidence to back it. Joe Biden has done some shady stuff himself. You can look it up.

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