Gowdy on Democrats’ quest for Mueller grand jury materials: ‘Indict or shut up’

Former lawmaker and current Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy had harsh words for House Democrats Tuesday over their request for redacted grand jury materials from the Mueller investigation as part of what they referred to as an “ongoing” probe into President Donald Trump.

The Supreme Court has temporarily stopped Democrats from accessing the secret materials after a lower court had previously ordered their release. The Justice Department now has until June 1 to file a formal appeal of that March order, according to The Hill.

“I really don’t know what my fellow citizens thought when you made Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff the chairman of two really important committees,” Gowdy said on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino Tuesday, according to Fox. “I mean, what the hell did you think they were going to do? They are going to investigate the president.”

Gowdy complained that by the end of Trump’s second term, there will likely have been an eight-year-long impeachment inquiry that will have produced nothing.

Gowdy: Materials are “sacrosanct”

The problem with looking at redacted grand jury testimony, in Gowdy’s view, is that it could unfairly tarnish the reputations of people who may never even face any criminal charges.

Gowdy called grand jury testimony “sacrosanct,” saying that it should not be part of fishing expeditions conducted by the Democrats to target Trump.

“If you’ve got enough, indict and if you don’t get enough, don’t do ‘oppo’ research through the grand jury and I think that is why that does not need to become public,” Gowdy told Fox of the case. “[When it comes to] grand jury testimony, either indict or shut up. That is my position on grand jury testimony.”

After three years of investigating Trump, Democrats are desperate to find something that would at long last lead to his removal. While the Mueller report failed to give them anything conclusive, they have decided that maybe it’s just that Mueller held back the truly incriminating stuff in the redacted part of his report.

Promises, promises

The Hill reported that House Democrats have promised that nothing from the secret materials will be leaked, should they be granted access, but nobody should believe that for a second, considering the sieve-like tendencies of people like Adam Schiff.

If there is anything in those redacted materials that could reflect the least bit negatively of anyone in Trump’s orbit, it will be in the hands of unfriendly journalists almost immediately.

Media leaks are what Democrats live for these days, even if they have to misrepresent or even fabricate the details to smear Trump as Schiff has done for more than three years now.

Democrats provided a deluge of leaks about Trump continually during last year’s impeachment hearings in the House, particularly if they thought something might be damaging to the president. There’s absolutely no reason to think they wouldn’t do the same thing if they are given access to this material as well.

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