Lindsey Graham says the Biden he knew in the Senate ‘is AWOL or doesn’t exist’

President Joe Biden spent nearly four decades representing Delaware in the United States Senate. Now, however, at least one colleague who previously served alongside him in the upper chamber is saying the 78-year-old has become all but unrecognizable.

Sen. Lindsey Graham reportedly told the Washington Examiner in an interview Wednesday that the Biden he knew “no longer exists.”

A “personal question”

A reporter for the Examiner had pressed Graham on a “personal question.”

“You worked with [Biden] in the Senate for six years,” the reporter said. “He seems to a lot of people to…either to have lurched to the left, or else to be sort of floating on a left-drifting tide. How different is President Biden from the senator who you knew and worked with here in the Senate building?”

In response, Graham said he hasn’t spoken with Biden since he assumed the presidency.

Graham: Biden is “AWOL”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “hasn’t talked to him,” either, Graham said.

“The Joe Biden that we know that would be a deal-maker…is AWOL or doesn’t exist,” the senator told the Examiner. “I don’t know what’s happened to the Biden administration,” he added, calling the Democrat’s agenda “the most radical in the history of American politics.” Take a look:

“Our enemies are watching”

Of course, Graham isn’t the only one saying Biden has changed. Fox News host Sean Hannity, for his part, suggested after Biden’s first press conference as president on Thursday that the sudden ideological shift could be due to the commander-in-chief not actually running his administration, and instead, putting more radical figures in charge of major issues.

According to Fox News, Hannity drew particular attention to the president’s verbal gaffes and missteps before highlighting his heavy use of “what appeared to be cheat sheets scrawled out on the podium in front of him.”

The Fox host also complained that Biden at times appeared to be reading directly from his notes.

“Our enemies are watching,” Hannity proclaimed, according to Fox. “This is embarrassing. Have you ever seen an American president rely on a book of cheat sheets before to ever answer a simple question at a press conference?”

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6 Responses

  1. As he said Our Enemies are watching. America is a weak ,failing country now with Crazy Joe and the democrats in office now destroying Beautiful America and its people. HELP someone, and all the fate news

  2. It is a Federal Crime to ABUSE AN ELDER with Dementia, ‘SITTING PRESIDENT’, for personal ‘squad” benefits & force their logic upon the citizens of the United States of America under His Name and Voice!
    I feel sooo sorry for Joe Biden, the wonderful person he is, in reality; and, hope that the ‘squad’ is recognized for their planned episodes ‘appropriately’ by SCOTUS!

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  4. Shawn Hannity is totally right. Biden is not fit to be the president of this country. Biden’s mind is almost gone. Biden’s mental health is causing him big trouble and the American people can see that for their selves. Biden really needs to be put completely out of any government office in this country.

  5. Is anyone else NOT SLEEPING AT NIGHT????😢😢😢😢 saddest thing I’ve ever witnessed a FAKE presser with CRIB SHEETS NOTE CARDS & press picked in advance with answers on Joes crib sheets – DISGUSTING- how long r they going to cover for his total INCOMPETENCE????

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