‘You got a lot to say’: Graham calls on Comey to ‘come in under oath’ and testify about Russia probe

Even as the 2020 presidential election draws near, lawmakers are still trying to get to the bottom of FBI surveillance efforts against President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

In a recent Fox News Channel interview, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) publicly invited former FBI Director James Comey to testify about the case involving alleged Russia collusion with the Trump team.

“Signed a warrant against Carter Page”

Denouncing Comey’s leadership based on reports that agents spied on the Trump campaign, Graham asserted that the fired chief inflicted “damage” on the bureau.

For his part, Comey has long held that the FBI did not actually spy on the campaign as part of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, insisting that all aspects of the probe were conducted by the book.

The defense is not sufficient for many Republicans on Capitol Hill, including Graham. He called the 2016 investigation “one of the most corrupt” in the FBI’s history.

Graham, who serves as chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, made his bold proclamation during a Wednesday appearance on Fox & Friends, going on to challenge Comey’s public stance.

“He signed a warrant against [former Trump adviser] Carter Page in 2017,” Graham said of Comey, calling him an “embarrassment” who has been disingenuous regarding the nature of the Russia collusion probe, according to Fox.

“I find it hard to believe that the director of the FBI did not know that in January, in March of 2017, the Russian sub source disavowed the reliability of the dossier, which was critical to getting a warrant against Carter Page,” the senator continued.

“Come in under oath and say it”

Reacting specifically to the ex-FBI director’s recent comments, Graham issued his on-air challenge.

“You got a lot to say, James Comey,” he said, as Fo reported. “Come in under oath and say it.”

The ongoing congressional interest in this matter coincides with the criminal probe being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham. Renewed focus on the case involves speculation surrounding what, if anything, Durham and his team might find and report prior to Election Day.

For his part, Comey has said he “can’t imagine” he is a target and that he is “not worried at all” about the ongoing criminal probe, as Fox reported separately. Whether he is or not, many Americans — including Graham — still want to see him answer some tough questions.

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